Anupamaa 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Kinjal assures Pakhi that everything is going well, urging her not to worry. Leela invites Pakhi to join the sangeet celebrations and enjoy herself, but Pakhi declines. Leela questions why Pakhi isn’t coming if her heart is truly with them. Kinjal advises Leela to ignore the situation. Dimple pays a visit to the Shahs, and Leela inquires about the reason for her presence. Dimple explains that she came to inspect the sangeet decorations. Anuj requests Anupama to hold onto him tightly as the road becomes bumpy. However, Anupama insists that she can take care of herself. On encountering a speed breaker, Anuj grabs hold of Anupama to ensure her safety.

Leela instructs Dimple to leave once she has finished inspecting the decorations and suggests that she return to the Kapadia residence in the evening. Leela mentions that they still need to handle the decoration arrangements. Dimple remarks that they should learn from the Kapadias since everyone there seems to be busy at the spa and salon. She suggests that Leela call a house helper from the Kapadia House. Leela reminds Dimple that they should work together for their own happiness. Dimple assures Leela that she was considering their well-being. Leela advises Dimple not to worry.

Dimple and Leela engage in a heated argument, with Dimple asserting that Kinjal, despite belonging to a wealthy family, never flaunts her status. Kinjal intervenes and implores Leela and Dimple to cease their quarrel. She then requests Dimple to meet Samar privately in his room. Samar inquires about the reason for their meeting, but Kinjal evades the discussion and instead asks Samar to inspect his attire. Dimple informs them that Anuj is at the market and will return with the necessary items. Vanraj suspects that Anupama is also at the market and rushes off to check on her.

In a conversation with Samar, Dimple openly questions him about whether or not he would be unaffected if she were to leave. Samar admits that he would undoubtedly be affected, but his love for his family is immense. Dimple resolves to wait until after their marriage, hoping to establish her position in the Shah House. Dolly advises Leela to win Dimple’s affection before attempting to exert control over her.

Anuj approaches Anupama, expressing his desire to share something important with her. Summoning his courage, he prepares to reveal the truth. Anupama and Anuj embrace each other. Returning to reality, Vanraj and Anupama share a car, but he interrupts her thoughts. Anupama wonders what is troubling Anuj.

Kinjal prepares herself for an upcoming event while Paritosh approaches her, inquiring about her decision. Kinjal firmly declines the idea of having another child. Curious to understand her desires more clearly, Paritosh probes further, seeking clarification. Kinjal expresses her intention to depart after Samar’s wedding takes place.

Meanwhile, Vanraj engages in a conversation with Anupama, expressing his disbelief at their children’s settled lives. He reflects on how only Pari will remain once Samar is married, and contemplates the inevitable passage of time as they grow older. However, Anupama resolves to make Samar and Dimple’s wedding a truly memorable occasion. Encouragingly, Vanraj urges Anupama not to abandon her aspiration of traveling to the USA this time, to which she responds with certainty.

As the Shah and Kapadia families come together to celebrate Samar and Dimple’s mehndi ceremony, Maya surprises everyone by announcing her intention to adorn her hands with mehndi bearing Anuj’s name. Anupama and the others are left in a state of astonishment.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anupama discovers that Kavya is expecting a baby, filling her with joy.

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