Anupamaa 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, the Shahs are busy decorating the house. Dimple accidentally bumps into Meenu, causing a brief interruption. Leela expresses her longing for Hasmuk, but Kinjal assures her that they can make a video call to bridge the distance. However, Leela finds video calls unentertaining and expresses her desire to dance with Hasmuk, emphasizing how he was like a father to Anupama. She believes it would have been wonderful if he could have attended the party, as Hasmuk always protected Anupama from taunts. Samar recalls how Anupama always valued Hasmuk’s words and never missed an opportunity to hear him speak.

Meanwhile, Kavya coincidentally bumps into Kinjal, and the Shahs warmly welcome her. Kavya eagerly asks how she can contribute to Anupama’s farewell. Leela and Vanraj kindly ask Kavya to take some rest, but she decides to start wrapping gifts instead. In the midst of the preparations, Dimple amusingly makes faces, adding a light-hearted touch to the atmosphere.

Pakhi questions Adhik about his behavior during the party, wondering if he will be in the same mood. Adhik jokingly asks if Pakhi wants him to dance and sing, to which she playfully responds in agreement. However, Adhik admits that he can’t fake his emotions. Understanding Pakhi’s concern, he promises to do something special for Anupama. Later, Leela compassionately offers water to Kavya and asks if she needs anything else. Kavya assures Leela to relax and offers her assistance if she requires anything. Both Leela and Vanraj, along with Kinjal and Dimple, suggest that Kavya stay back with them due to her pregnancy. However, Kavya decides to address the matter later.

Anupama eagerly anticipates her visit to the Shah house, while Anuj searches for her. Ankush notices Anuj’s restlessness and inquires about it. Anuj reveals that Pakhi informed him of Anupama’s arrival at the Shah house, and she is expected to join them in the evening. Maya becomes irritated by the news, while Ankush and Anuj engage in a conversation about Anupama. Anuj expresses his determination not to let anyone hinder Anupama’s growth and confesses that without her, his life would be incomplete. Barkha, overhearing their conversation, becomes joyous, sensing that something positive is finally unfolding.

Anupama pays a visit to the Shah house, and as she sets foot inside, a rush of memories from her past floods her mind. The sight of the house triggers a wave of nostalgia within her. Anupama is taken aback by the thoughtful arrangements made by the Shahs, leaving her pleasantly surprised. Engaging in a conversation, Kanta expresses her belief that Anupama is finally receiving the love and respect she rightfully deserved 26 years ago. Bhavesh, however, cautions that this momentary happiness could be short-lived due to Leela’s presence. Despite the concerns, both Kanta and Bhavesh hold a favorable opinion of Leela.

Feeling grateful, Anupama expresses her joy in having her relationships intact and united. Leela, filled with remorse, confesses her regret for not treating Anupama right in the past. Anupama takes this opportunity to deliver a heartfelt speech, emphasizing the importance of embracing the present moment as life is too short for regrets.

Meanwhile, Anuj comes across a picture of Anupama, which agitates Maya. As the Shahs and Anupama gather for a prayer ceremony, Leela presents her swing to Anupama, evoking a surge of excitement within her. The atmosphere becomes lively as Kinjal, Leela, Dimple, Maya, Pakhi, Dolly, and Anupama join in a spirited garba dance. Amidst the festivities, Anupama is enchanted by the sight of her favorite food, leaving her awe-struck.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Shahs meticulously recreate the cherished moments of Anupama’s life. Anuj eagerly awaits Anupama’s presence, eagerly anticipating her arrival. Meanwhile, Maya tirelessly seeks a solution to distance herself from Anupama, striving to find a way to part ways with her.

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