Anupamaa 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Anuj confides in Anupama, expressing his helplessness upon seeing Anu. He shares that Anu pleaded with him not to leave Maya. Anuj reveals to Anupama that the combination of Maya’s instability and Anu’s desperate plea continues to haunt him. He clarifies that he doesn’t have an explanation for his actions. Anuj admits his inability to abandon Anu, especially considering Maya’s unpredictable state of mind. He explains his concern for Anu’s well-being, as he feared that leaving her alone with Maya could jeopardize the safety of their child. Anupama sits in stunned silence, processing the information.

Anuj discloses to Anupama that Maya’s level of craziness was extreme. He attributes his presence at Samar’s wedding solely to Maya’s mental health issues. Anuj reassures Anupama that Maya has improved since then, but at that particular time, her condition was at its worst. He blames himself for Maya’s deteriorated state and sincerely apologizes to Anupama. Anuj admits that he didn’t inform her earlier because he was aware that her visit to Anu and him in Mumbai would provoke a negative reaction from Maya.

Anuj pulls Anupama along as they make their way to the temple. He confides in her, expressing that he has never belonged to Maya and will continue to be her devoted husband. Anuj solemnly swears upon God that there is absolutely nothing going on between him and Maya. Anupama stands before him, her eyes welling up with tears. Anuj assures her that once Maya recovers, he will close that chapter for good.

Meanwhile, Maya confides in Barkha, admitting her stress. Barkha reciprocates, sharing her own worries. Sensing Maya’s concern, Barkha suggests calling Ankush to inquire about the matter. Without suspecting anything, Barkha dials Ankush’s number. Unbeknownst to her, Ankush realizes that Barkha’s mobile phone is on speaker and that Maya is within earshot. This realization prompts him to divert the conversation, carefully choosing his words. Both Barkha and Maya stand there, overwhelmed with anxiety.

Anuj turns to Anupama and acknowledges that it will ultimately be her decision whether or not to forgive him. He implores her not to harbor any hatred towards him. Anuj admits his mistake but vows to forever be her loving husband. Anupama stands in stunned silence, processing his words. Anuj goes on to express that he would rather die than have her despise him. Anupama, struggling with her emotions, questions why he didn’t disclose this earlier if he truly trusted her. Anuj remains silent, unable to provide an answer. With a resolute tone, Anupama assures him that she will never hate him, but their relationship has changed now.

Anuj inquires of Anupama what lies ahead, expressing his desire for them to be together again as they were before. In response, Anupama informs Anuj that he made his decision based on the circumstances, and now they must make a choice. She explains that, given the current situation, she can either wait for his return or move forward. Anupama expresses her love and respect for Anuj but emphasizes that since he has taken on Maya’s responsibility, he should stand by his decision. She reassures Anuj that she will take care of herself.

In an attempt to alleviate Anuj’s guilt, Anupama urges him to accept the reality and move on. She shares that she cannot wait for him indefinitely and has decided to forge ahead with her life.

[Episode End]

Precap : Maya pays a visit to the Shahs and expresses her concern, claiming that Anupama is attempting to snatch Anuj away from her. Vanraj steps forward and firmly communicates to Maya that Anupama no longer requires Anuj in her life. In the midst of the situation, Anuj impedes Anupama’s path, blocking her way.

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