Anupamaa 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Malti Devi expresses to Anupama that she can see her connection with Anuj rekindled. However, she advises Anupama to be cautious, as Anuj might become an obstacle in her path. Anupama defends Anuj, acknowledging that Malti has given her limitless opportunities, but it’s her husband who has empowered her to soar high. She reveals to Malti Devi that Anuj presented her with his mother’s anklet bells. Despite this, Malti Devi continues to urge Anupama to exercise caution, expressing doubt that Anuj will allow her to pursue her dreams. Anupama firmly assures Malti that Anuj would never hinder her progress and promises not to disappoint her. Malti responds by expressing her unwavering trust in Anupama, highlighting the significant investment made for the event and the inability to afford any losses. Anupama provides reassurance to Malti, and in turn, Malti suggests that Anupama join the academy after Samar and Dimple’s wedding.

Kumar Sanu commends the bond between the characters and expresses his enjoyment. The Shah family requests Kumar Sanu to sing a song. Anupama is informed that someone is looking for Anuj, prompting her to investigate. She encounters Titli, who promotes her upcoming show alongside Anupama. Anupama offers prayers for Titli’s success and inquires about her profession. Titli reveals that she is a talented decorator, receiving praise from Anupama for her skills. They both enjoy singing the song “Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana.”

Kumar Sanu takes his leave, and Dimple expresses her wish for him to have stayed longer, as his performance was fantastic. Kinjal mentions that they had just begun to enjoy the event. Dolly remarks that it’s fortunate Kumar Sanu left early; otherwise, Dimple would have been too caught up in dancing rather than bidding farewell with tears during her vidaai (bride’s farewell). Anupama believes that a girl should begin a new chapter in her life with dance instead of tears during the vidaai. Leela jests about Dimple’s dancing during the arrival of the wedding procession and now having to witness her dancing during the vidaai as well. Anupama advises Kinjal to accompany Samar and Dimple for a meal, deliberately avoiding Leela.

Anuj encountered Anupama and inquired about Malti’s recent activities. Anupama disclosed that Malti expressed her desire to rejoin the academy. However, Anuj harbored suspicions that Malti might have mentioned something else as well. Anupama evaded the topic, choosing not to engage in further discussion. Transitioning the conversation, she asked Anuj how he felt about the news of her imminent departure to the USA. Anuj expressed his sentiments, admitting that he would miss her and urged Anupama not to let anyone hinder her dreams this time.

The occasion shifted to Dimple’s farewell (vidaai) ceremony. Anuj bestowed his blessings upon Dimple and commended Samar as a good guy. Leela questioned whether Anuj believed that only Samar was virtuous while disregarding others. Anuj pleaded with Leela to refrain from creating a scene on that particular day. Barkha reminded Dimple to remember their earlier conversation. Anuj took the opportunity to lecture Dimple on embracing her new family, assuring her that she need not worry as Anupama would be there for her. Malti interjected, mentioning Anupama’s forthcoming departure to the USA and teasingly suggesting that Anuj would also bid her farewell in a similar manner.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samar and Dimple are welcomed by Anupama as the Shahs receive news about Kavya’s pregnancy.

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