Anupamaa 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Barkha believes that Dimple won’t be able to visit the Kapadia house. She assumes that Maya and Anuj will be staying for a while. Barkha cunningly manipulates Dimple into staying at the Shah house, knowing that she will benefit from it. Anupama bids farewell, and Dimple apologizes to her. Anupama requests Dimple to apologize to Leela as well, for her misbehavior. Dimple humbly apologizes to Leela, pleading with her not to throw her out. However, Dimple wonders why nobody is responding to her apologies. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door and asks for someone to receive a parcel. Paritosh discovers that the parcel is from Barkha. Leela starts to doubt Dimple.

Barkha calls Leela and asks if she is sending Dimple for the ritual. She suggests that if nobody is available, Dimple can return with Pakhi. Leela and the others are shocked by Barkha’s statement. Barkha regrets her thoughtless comment. Leela questions Barkha about how she knows Pakhi is in the house. Dimple reveals that she informed Barkha about it. Barkha and Dimple stand by each other. Anupama instructs Dimple to go with Pakhi. She warns that if such fights happen again, she will personally kick Samar and Dimple out of the house. Anupama states that if such conflicts occur again, she will return from the USA.

Anuj realizes that there is less time left for Anupama to leave. Maya notices Anuj and believes that her actions have caused him to distance himself even more. Samar expresses gratitude to Dimple for apologizing and resolving everything. Dimple contemplates discussing her plan with Barkha and playing strategically.

Vanraj drops off Anupama. Upon seeing Maya, Vanraj realizes that Anuj is making a decision. Anupama compliments Anuj, and they also discuss Samar and Dimple. Vanraj regrets preventing Anupama from flying to the USA in the past. Anupama asks Vanraj to forget the past and focus on Kavya. Vanraj assures Anupama that he will take care of their children and the upcoming child after she leaves.

Dimple and Samar prepare to go to the Kapadia house for the ritual. Kinjal compliments Dimple’s appearance. Anupama arrives, and Kinjal asks her how she managed to visit the Shah house so early. Anupama explains that she is there for Samar and Dimple’s ritual. Dimple mentions that she will retrieve her belongings from the Kapadia house and adds that Barkha will send gifts for them, hoping that the Shah house can accommodate everything. Anupama and the others are left stunned. Dimple, along with Samar and Pakhi, bid their farewells.

Anuj checks the preparations for welcoming Dimple. Maya decides to take charge and handle the arrangements. Anuj orders Maya to rest, and she apologizes to him. Anuj asks Maya to stop her theatrics. Paritosh shocks Vanraj, Kinjal, and Leela by announcing that he is ready to move to another place with Kinjal.

[Episode End]

Precap : During the competition, Anupama and Nakul found themselves engaged in a fierce rivalry. Unfortunately, as the intensity grew, Anupama ended up getting injured.

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