Anupamaa 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Barkha has an unexpected stumble, catching Anuj’s attention. Anuj questions Barkha about how she acquired knowledge of Maya, wondering if Maya confided in her. However, Maya denies revealing anything to Barkha. Hasmuk probes Anuj, asking if he will disclose what occurred on that particular day. Anuj discloses to the Shahs what prevented him from reaching Anupama. Inquisitively, he asks Barkha how she knew that he wouldn’t return. Barkha claims that even Vanraj is aware of everything, leaving Vanraj in a stunned state.

Anupama confronts Vanraj, seeking confirmation from him regarding Barkha’s statement. Vanraj remains silent, and Anupama asserts that his silence speaks volumes. She recollects the day when Barkha and Vanraj visited Kanta’s house to witness the unfolding drama. Anupama questions how Vanraj could betray her in such a manner. Her anger towards Vanraj intensifies as she expresses how desperately she awaited Anuj’s arrival while Barkha and Vanraj were engrossed in the spectacle. Vanraj implores Anupama not to question him, asserting that even if he had told her the truth, she wouldn’t have believed him.

Vanraj emphasizes that Anupama would not have believed the truth until God Anuj revealed it. He suggests that Anupama should question Anuj about abandoning her and taking care of Maya. However, Anuj asserts that Anupama already knows the truth and he doesn’t feel the need to explain himself to anyone. He further explains that Maya needs to understand that he is only staying with her temporarily but will always be Anupama’s husband. Anuj and Anupama support each other in their decisions.

Leela expresses her confusion regarding whether Anuj and Anupama are still together. Maya asks Anuj if he cannot fulfill his duties as her husband, then he should grant a divorce to Anupama. She mentions that Anupama is going to the USA, which might make it easier for both of them to move on.

Anuj firmly tells Maya that he would rather die than divorce Anupama. Anupama echoes his sentiment and states that she would rather die than divorce Anuj. She adds that there is a special friendship between her and Anuj. Maya realizes that if she continues to force Anuj at this moment, she might lose him forever. She decides that once Anupama goes to the USA, it will be easier for her to win Anuj back.

Anupama urges everyone to focus on Samar and Dimple’s wedding. Anuj emphasizes that Samar’s wedding should be memorable. Maya declares that she will not miss a chance to make it extraordinary.

Anupama bestows her blessings upon Samar and suggests that everyone should go to sleep instead of engaging in further discussions. Maya invites Barkha and Anuj to accompany her. Anupama urges Anuj to give a warm welcome, to which he responds that he will eagerly await her return and ensure that no complaints arise.

Anuj advises Ankush, Dimple, and Adhik to get some rest while he takes care of everything. Maya maintains a calm demeanor, while Barkha encourages her to stop exaggerating. Maya casually remarks that she doesn’t need to put in any effort since Anupama is leaving for the USA. Anupama lovingly crafts jewelry for Samar while intentionally ignoring Vanraj. Both Leela and Anupama become emotional as they think about Samar’s wedding. Barkha worries about the consequences if Anuj were to take control of the business.

Anuj reminisces about Anupama, while Maya decides to win over Anuj with her love.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dimple made the decision to approach the fight with a polite strategy. Meanwhile, Kavya shared the news of her pregnancy with Vanraj.

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