Anupamaa 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Anupama is left in a state of shock. Memories from the past flood her mind, bringing tears to her eyes. She vividly remembers Maya’s plea, and upon seeing the shattered glasses, she feels a deep sense of pain. Emotions well up inside her. Malti Devi expresses her unsuccessful attempts to make Anupama understand, emphasizing that she didn’t listen. Nakul finds solace in this situation, feeling a sense of satisfaction. Malti believes that all these events should have taken place today. Meanwhile, Maya implores Anuj to unlock the car and desperately asks where he is taking her. Anuj remains silent, not uttering a word.

Pakhi approaches Samar with an apology, seeking his forgiveness for missing his wedding. Samar, however, refuses to grant her forgiveness, still hurt by her absence. Pakhi tries to console Samar, and eventually, they reconcile their differences. Curiously, Samar asks Pakhi what she has brought for him. Pakhi replies that since she is now married, she has brought him good luck. Dimple urges Pakhi to speak directly to her face. In response, Pakhi clarifies that she is addressing Samar, not Dimple. Vanraj intervenes, reminding Pakhi to treat Dimple as her sister-in-law. A heated argument ensues between Dimple and Samar.

Maya confesses to Anuj, admitting that it’s her own fault for his infatuation with Anupama. Frustrated, she questions Anuj about what qualities Anupama possesses that she lacks. Maya’s anger grows, but Anuj urges her to remain silent and not touch him, accusing her of clouding his mind. Reluctantly, Maya complies and sits quietly.

Meanwhile, with only six days until Anupama’s departure to the USA, she resolves to stay strong. Dimple implores Samar to take a stand against Pakhi’s ill treatment towards her. Samar, however, takes Pakhi’s side, causing Dimple and Pakhi to exchange taunts. Leela intervenes, instructing Pakhi to behave. Dimple surprises Pakhi by demanding that she remove her belongings from the room, citing its small size and suggesting Pakhi take her things to the Kapdia house. Dimple expects Vanraj and Leela to support her in this decision.

In another turn of events, Maya faints in Anuj’s arms, leaving Ankush concerned and inquiring about what happened to her. Anuj becomes angry with Ankush, while Adhik and Barkha discover Maya’s actions. Barkha decides to further provoke Maya, hoping it will compel Anuj to take her back to Mumbai. Anu, filled with fear, observes the situation. Anuj asks Ankush to take care of Anu as he reminisces about Anupama.

Back at the Shah household, Dimple remains determined to secure a room for herself. Samar ponders why it’s always the men who get caught between their wives and families. Pakhi adamantly refuses to move her belongings. Kinjal suggests that Dimple take over her room, and Dimple agrees. However, Paritosh refuses to give up his room, leading to an argument with Kinjal. Dimple asserts that the Shahs are selfish, resulting in failed marriages. Vanraj instructs Dimple to behave accordingly.

Anupama is convinced that she has to take a flight in just six days, and she has made a firm decision to proceed without any interruptions whatsoever.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anuj pleads with Anupama to see him once more before departing. Vanraj urges Samar to manage Dimple.

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