Anupamaa 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Ankush informs Anu that Anupama will be departing for the USA in three days, and advises her to bid her farewell. He mentions witnessing Anu’s neglect towards Anupama. Maya witnesses Ankush and Anu’s conversation, leaving her stunned.

Kinjal reassures Kavya that once Anupama returns home, happiness will be restored. Pakhi urges Dimple to make an effort to connect with the family and avoid repeating past mistakes. Dimple advises Pakhi to focus on her own life and Adhik, suggesting that she shouldn’t concern herself with the Shah household. Paritosh suggests taking a group selfie.

Anupama clarifies that she won’t be leaving soon and Paritosh reminds her that she also needs to visit the Kapadia house. Anuj anxiously awaits Anupama’s arrival. The lights flicker, causing Anuj to worry. Leela prepares food items for Anupama and suggests sharing them with Bhairvi, Nakul, and Malti Devi.

Kanta advises Leela that certain items may not be allowed at the airport. Leela instructs Anupama to inform her if she needs anything else and insists on accompanying her to the airport if she faces any issues. Anupama embraces Leela, and both become emotional. Anupama expresses her need to depart and requests for some gifts.

Shahs present Anupama with gifts, while Vanraj offers her a pair of bell anklets. As Anupama receives the anklets, memories from the past flood her mind, reminding her of the time when Vanraj had broken them. However, Vanraj expresses to Anupama that he has always tried to hold her back, but now he wants to set her free as a friend.

He encourages her to soar high and embrace her newfound freedom. Anupama expresses her gratitude to Vanraj for such a considerate gift. In return, Anupama surprises the Shahs by mentioning that she has prepared something for each of them as well. She acknowledges that letter-writing has become rare in today’s time, but she has chosen to pour her heart into a letter as a symbolic gesture. Anupama requests the Shahs to open the gift after she has left.

Kinjal and Samar are deeply impressed by the thoughtfulness of Anupama’s gift. Anupama explains that she must depart as the Kapadias might be waiting for her. The Shahs and Anupama share an emotional moment as she bids them farewell. The Shahs remain standing, overwhelmed with emotions. They proceed to read the letter penned by Anupama.

In the letter, Anupama requests Leela to support Kavya and urges Paritosh to take responsibility for Pari. She encourages Dimple to strive for acceptance within the Shah household. Anupama advises Samar to focus on his dance academy and assures Kavya that she can call on her whenever she needs support. She also extends her best wishes to Vanraj as he prepares to embrace fatherhood for the fourth time.

Anupama requests Adhik to offer his support to Pakhi, expressing her happiness at witnessing Pakhi’s positive transformation. Lastly, Anupama discloses that Anuj wishes to see her one last time, which prompts her decision to depart.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anuj warmly greets Anupama as she enters. However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when Maya becomes confrontational and expresses her disturbing desire for Anupama’s demise. In response to Maya’s shocking statement, Anuj reacts swiftly by firmly slapping Maya.

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