Anupamaa 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Dimple takes the time to fix her dress, and Kinjal pays her a compliment for her efforts. Kinjal tries to convey to Dimple the importance of accepting the family as they are, despite their flaws and issues. However, Dimple remains firm in her belief that she won’t change her thoughts for anyone, as she recalls Barkha’s manipulative actions. Despite their differing perspectives, Kinjal and Dimple share a heartfelt hug, emphasizing their bond.

Meanwhile, Leela questions Meenu about why she is holding a tray, to which Meenu explains that she was helping Bhairvi, who was occupied with work. Taking matters into her own hands, Leela takes the tray from Meenu and instructs Bhairvi to serve the guests. However, Kanta intervenes and stops Bhairvi, insisting that playing is not her responsibility. Kanta then calls a waiter to serve the drinks and confronts Leela about her rude behavior towards Bhairvi.

Kanta bravely stands up for Bhairvi when Leela suggests that selling vegetables is suitable for her, given her background. Anupama arrives and supports Bhairvi, highlighting that her choice to sell vegetables is driven by her self-respect. Anupama further reveals that Bhairvi’s skill has led her to an opportunity in the USA. Leela retorts, blaming Anupama for her own homelessness due to her unwavering support for the less fortunate.

Kanta asserts that Anupama is not homeless, leading to a heated argument between her and Leela. Kanta accuses Leela of depriving others of happiness, while Leela argues that both the wedding and the bride go against her preferences. Kanta boldly asks Leela to take back Samar, while Anupama tries to intervene, expressing concern over the volatile temperaments of both Leela and Dimple.

Leela apprehends several women, accusing them of being thieves, causing a commotion. Amidst the chaos, Dimple recognizes one of the ladies as her long-lost mother. Overwhelmed with emotion, Dimple and her mother embrace tightly, tears streaming down their faces. Anupama, understanding the significance of the moment, requests Dimple’s mother to bid farewell to Dimple now that she has returned. Dimple breaks down in tears, but Anupama offers solace and assists Dimple’s mother in presenting her with bangles and a stole as gifts.

Dimple proudly introduces her mother, Samar, to everyone, and Samar humbly touches Anupama’s feet as a sign of respect. Dimple’s mother bestows her blessings upon Samar, and the room is filled with a mixture of emotions. However, Leela becomes offended and confides in Dolly, expressing her disapproval of Samar bowing down before Dimple’s mother. Realizing the mistake, Anupama, Vanraj, and Anuj apologize to Dimple’s mother, who graciously accepts the blame for any misunderstanding.

Curious about the reason behind Dimple’s mother’s long absence, Leela questions her, and she reveals that after being disowned, she felt guilty and couldn’t bring herself to face Dimple. Dimple’s mother explains that Dimple’s father strongly opposed the decision, but she eventually decided to hide and seek a chance to reunite with her daughter. Dimple expresses her curiosity about her father, and her mother discloses that her father’s anger overshadowed his love for her. She sincerely apologizes for the pain caused. Leela urges Dimple’s mother to impart valuable life lessons to Dimple as well.

Anupama, Anuj, and others propose restarting the ritual, symbolizing a fresh beginning for Dimple and her mother. In this heartfelt moment, Dimple’s mother acknowledges Anupama’s exemplary motherhood, leaving Anupama stunned and moved by the recognition.

[Episode End]

Precap : Samar and Dimple exchange their wedding vows, while Malti Devi unknowingly bestows her blessings upon Anuj.

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