Anupamaa 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Shahs find themselves in a state of shock as they witness Anupama with Leela. Kinjal tends to Leela and offers her water. Meanwhile, Maya resolves to apologize to Anuj and seeks a way to approach him calmly. While searching for Anuj, Maya conceals herself, fearing that he may have encountered Anupama and devised a plan to eliminate her.

Dimple informs Anupama that she is unaware of what Leela said. Anupama responds, stating that nobody besides her truly comprehends what Leela is capable of saying and to what extent. She emphasizes that she understands a child’s capacity to express themselves. Anupama clarifies to both Dimple and Leela that she is not here to take sides with either of them.

Anupama proceeds to deliver a lecture to the Shahs, emphasizing the importance of respect instead of engaging in heated arguments. She acknowledges that today’s generation is different, but that should not be an excuse to disrespect elders. Anupama acknowledges that Leela may have reprimanded Dimple, but despite her disagreements with Leela’s decisions in the past, she never disrespected her. Anupama asserts that everyone should give due respect to their elders and abide by certain boundaries. She reminds them that the house belongs to Leela and Hasmuk, and if others have a problem, they are free to leave.

Anupama indirectly implies to Dimple and Samar that they can choose to depart if they have numerous issues. She advises Dimple that if she finds it difficult to live under the same roof as Hasmuk and Leela, she and Samar can consider moving out. Just as Dimple is about to speak up, Anupama interrupts. Anupama clarifies that her concern extends beyond their current argument and encompasses their future well-being. She suggests that if Dimple and Samar do not feel comfortable, they have the option to leave and visit occasionally. Anupama observes that while today’s youngsters claim to seek peace, they often neglect to prioritize it in their own lives.

Anupama clarifies that she isn’t giving lectures to Dimple and Samar. She suggests that Paritosh should begin working as Pari is growing up. Anupama advises Pakhi to focus on her own life rather than being overly concerned with Dimple and Samar. She also urges Kinjal and Paritosh to make decisions about their future. Anupama tells Vanraj to concentrate on Kavya and not get involved in household issues. She kindly requests Leela to start making some changes. Anupama requests Samar and Dimple to find a new place to live. Samar reassures Anupama, and she asks them to seek permission from Leela regarding the duration of their stay. Furthermore, Anupama pleads with the Shah family to let her live in peace for the next six days. During this time, Leela notices Dimple sending messages to someone.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anuj expresses that there is little time remaining for Anupama to depart. Nakul appeals to Malti, asking her to provide him with a fair opportunity. Consequently, Anupama and Nakul engage in a competition with one another.

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