Anupamaa 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Maya awakens from her slumber, only to find herself lost in a vivid daydream of Anuj engaging in a passionate romance with Anupama. Disturbed by her own imagination, Maya implores Anuj to cease his actions, insisting that he cannot behave this way. A sense of fear grips Maya as she confronts the situation. Leela interjects, revealing that she had already warned Anupama about Maya’s tendencies but it went unnoticed. Pakhi chimes in, expressing her confusion as to why Anupama consistently attracts selfish individuals.

Paritosh aligns himself with Pakhi, while Dimple questions whether Pakhi’s remarks were directed at her. Pakhi confirms Dimple’s suspicions and accuses her of betraying Anupama. A heated exchange ensues between Pakhi and Dimple, with the former asserting that she is merely venting her frustrations because Adhik fails to give her the attention she craves. Samar intervenes, advising Dimple not to overstep her boundaries. Dimple, however, insists that Samar should control Pakhi instead. Adding fuel to the fire, Dimple asserts that Pakhi seeks attention, yet she is still better off compared to Maya, who she claims is mentally unstable. Pakhi counters by claiming that Maya is feigning her illness, leading to a heated argument between Dimple and Pakhi. Kinjal and Leela intervene, urging them to cease their bickering.

Meanwhile, Anuj contemplates the impact of these events on Anupama and resolves to arrange proper treatment for Maya. In the midst of the chaos, Kanta calls Anupama, expressing her disapproval of Maya’s actions and even accusing Anuj. Anupama advises Kanta to disregard the situation and informs her of her plans to visit the Shah household. Kanta cautions Anupama and suggests that she entrust the management of her own home to Leela. Undeterred, Anupama insists that Samar and Dimple belong to her, emphasizing her autonomy in decision-making. She requests Kanta to prepare some sweets, as she feels a pressing need for them. As the episode draws to a close, Maya finds herself immersed in yet another dream, where Anuj and Anupama are depicted together.

Leela confronts Pakhi and Dimple, demanding that they leave her house. In response, Dimple defiantly declares that she will not leave and begins behaving disrespectfully towards Leela. Dimple accuses Leela of causing problems in the house, claiming that Leela initiates arguments because no one stands up to her. She asserts her position as the daughter-in-law of today and refuses to remain silent. Meanwhile, the neighbors discuss the Shah family, commenting that Leela finally has a daughter-in-law who can stand up to her. They add that ever since Anupama left, the Shah household has been suffering. Dimple continues to blame Leela for various issues.

Vanraj becomes angry and orders Dimple and Samar to leave the house for their misbehavior towards Leela. However, Dimple adamantly refuses to comply and insists that Leela must show respect to receive it in return.

Feeling that she is causing problems for the family, Leela decides to leave. Despite Vanraj, Pakhi, and Paritosh’s attempts to persuade her to stay, Leela insists that no one should follow her and walks out of the house. In the midst of the turmoil, Maya daydreams about Anupama and Anuj tricking her. Returning to reality, Maya realizes that she has made a grave mistake.

Anupama discovers Leela sitting in the garden and joins her. Leela confides in Anupama, revealing that she was accused of instigating the household fight, which led to her decision to leave. She expresses her frustration that despite doing everything to keep the family together, the younger generation fails to understand, leading her to leave the house. Anupama sits in stunned silence, absorbing Leela’s words.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nakul pleads with Malti, requesting a fair opportunity. As Nakul and Anupama engage in a competition, an unfortunate incident occurs where Anupama stumbles and falls to the ground.

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