Ajooni 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ajooni expressing her apologies to Rajveer for her inability to acquire the property papers. However, Rajveer reassures her that they haven’t failed just yet. He proceeds to reveal a recording to Ajooni, explaining that it could potentially prove his innocence. Ajooni acknowledges the significance of the recording and suggests that it can serve as evidence. Rajveer, grateful for her support, expresses his gratitude, but Ajooni reminds him that as his wife, he need not thank her and embraces him warmly.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, causing Rajveer to hastily hide. Ajooni answers the door, and it’s Amrit standing there. Amrit confronts Ajooni, revealing that she knows about Ajooni’s attempt to steal the property papers from the warehouse and her plot to implicate Shanky. She firmly asserts that she will ensure Ajooni’s plan backfires and departs from the scene.

The following day, Amrit confronted Shanky, expressing her disbelief that he could yell at her for Ajooni, considering she had played a significant role in his upbringing. She questioned how he could go against his own family for the sake of property. However, Shanky assured her that things were not as they seemed and suggested that dividing the property should not be their immediate concern. Intrigued by his response, Amrit shared something with him that brought happiness to his face.

Meanwhile, Aman and Dolly were busy cleaning the living area when Harman approached Dolly, inquiring about Rajveer’s whereabouts. Dolly informed her that Rajveer had gone out with Tejender.

Just then, Amrit arrived at the scene and announced that she had some joyful news to share with everyone. She revealed that Shanky was soon to be married to Ajooni. However, Ajooni firmly refused to marry Shanky, leading Amrit to assert that she was merely informing her of the decision rather than seeking permission. Amrit also mentioned Rajveer’s passing and insisted that Ajooni should move on from the past. Unyielding, Ajooni declared that no one could replace Rajveer in her life.

Attempting to bridge the gap, Shanky reached out and held Ajooni’s hand. In a sudden turn of events, Harman slapped Shanky, provoking him to point a gun at her. Sensing the escalating tension, Amrit intervened and took control, suggesting a punishment for Harman. She shattered a vase of flowers and ordered Harman to walk on the broken glass pieces. Shanky, pointing his gun at Ravinder, coerced Harman into following Amrit’s command. Watching the distressing scene, Baggas felt a pang of sorrow. Shanky then instructed Dolly to join Harman in her painful walk on the shattered glass.

Shanky turned to Ajooni and asked her if she would marry him. Ajooni shook her head, refusing his proposal. Perplexed, Shanky questioned her rejection, turning to Ravinder to ask where he had found Ajooni. He expressed his anticipation for a thrilling outcome if Ajooni were to agree to the marriage. In a fit of rage, Ravinder choked Shanky, but Harvinder pleaded with Ravinder not to harm him. Shanky’s men seized Harvinder and proceeded to beat up Ravinder. Concerned for Ravinder’s well-being, Harman pleaded with them to stop the violence. Amrit, in a bid to save Harman, threatened to kill her if Ravinder didn’t release Shanky. Faced with this ultimatum, Ravinder reluctantly let go of Shanky. Amrit then turned to Ajooni, urging her to agree to the marriage in order to save Ravinder. Eventually, Ajooni relented and agreed to marry Shanky.

Meanwhile, Dolly contacted Rajveer and apprised him of the situation, relaying all the distressing events that had unfolded. Pathan informed Tejender that Shanky planned to offer Ajooni half of the property after their marriage, highlighting Shanky’s cunning nature.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amrit escorts Ajooni to the marriage mandap, ensuring she takes her seat. Suddenly, a group of women arrives, expressing their disapproval of the union. In response, Shanky’s men swiftly draw their guns, aiming them at the protesting ladies.

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