Ajooni 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Dolly expressing her satisfaction, stating that Rajveer and Ajooni’s plan is effectively working. Bebe agrees, mentioning that Tejender’s family has already begun quarreling amongst themselves, which is the perfect way to weaken them. However, Harvinder cautions them, stating that it won’t be easy to break them apart as they are exceptionally crafty, making it challenging to deceive them. Harman intervenes, urging Harvinder not to demotivate them. Ajooni concurs with Harvinder, acknowledging that they need to prove Rajveer’s innocence. Rajveer chimes in, emphasizing the importance of locating the property papers and seeking revenge on Tejender’s family.

Meanwhile, Amrit confides in Tejender, expressing her surprise at Shanky’s recent behavior. Tejender reveals that Shanky has betrayed them, much like Kaveri did. He discloses that he had sent Kaveri to the village to prevent her from assisting Ajooni, and he intends to handle Shanky in a similar manner. Amrit, however, senses something suspicious, believing that Shanky’s actions are indicative of a hidden agenda.

Ajooni discovers that Shanky is drinking and requests pakodas from a servant. She seizes the opportunity and informs the servant that she will personally deliver the pakodas to Shanky. Amrit notices this and decides to follow Ajooni discreetly. Ajooni enters Shanky’s room and deceives him by falsely claiming to have prepared the pakodas for him. Shanky expresses surprise, and Ajooni proceeds to feed him. Impressed by the taste, Shanky compliments the pakodas. Unbeknownst to him, Ajooni discreetly slips a pill into his drink. Just then, Amrit arrives at the scene, observing Ajooni’s actions. Ajooni manipulates Shanky, praising his decision to oppose Tejender and Amrit. She inquires about the whereabouts of the property papers and what he would do if his family were to discover them. Shanky refuses to divulge any information, claiming that he won’t reveal anything to a mere servant like her. Amrit realizes that Ajooni is playing her part skillfully and acknowledges that underestimating Ajooni would be a grave mistake.

Shanky assures Ajooni that he intends to marry her. Doubting his words, Ajooni accuses him of lying due to his failure to disclose the whereabouts of the property papers. In response, Shanky reveals that he had concealed the documents in Tejender’s warehouse. As he leans in for a kiss, Shanky suddenly faints, causing Ajooni to hastily leave the scene. Witnessing this, Amrit splashes water on Shanky and reprimands him for his actions. Shanky confesses that he had divulged everything to Ajooni while under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Pathan informs Tejender about Shanky’s betrayal. Tejender likens Shanky’s actions to those of Kaveri. Pathan speculates that Shanky may have ulterior motives involving Ajooni and suggests that he might even evict Tejender from the house on her behalf. Pathan inquires about the property papers, prompting Tejender to reveal his knowledge of Shanky’s hiding place. Pathan suggests stealing the property papers from Shanky and using them against him.

Later, Ajooni arrives at Tejender’s warehouse, where Amrit informs her that Tejender may have come to steal the property papers. To their surprise, they discover Tejender and Pathan present at the location. Ajooni notices the property papers in Tejender’s possession and clarifies that she had come to thwart Tejender’s plans. A heated confrontation ensues between Shanky and Tejender, during which both confess their wrongdoings. Unbeknownst to them, Pathan records the entire confrontation as evidence. Amrit declares her intention to safeguard the property papers. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Shanky expresses his thanks to Ajooni.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amrit informs Baggas that the wedding between Ajooni and Shanky is imminent. Ravinder launches an assault on Shanky.

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