Agnisakshi 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Narayanan expressing his disappointment towards Jeevika. Jeevika, in response, pleads with Narayanan to forgive her and assures him that she is willing to do anything for him. Sensing Supriya’s distress after receiving a message, Satvik approaches her and attempts to take her phone, but she insists he stops following her. Instead, she urges him to go after Jeevika and leaves the scene. Supriya believes that he won’t pursue her, but she secretly desires him to do so. She wishes to discuss the situation with Rajnandini. Narayanan implores Jeevika to promise him that she won’t divorce Satvik. Jeevika questions how she can make such a promise, to which Narayanan reminds her that she vowed to do anything for him. Jeevika expresses her view that she cannot treat him as her parents and refuses to comply. Narayanan claims that he never sought anyone’s assistance but then Satvik places his hand on Narayanan’s. Meanwhile, Supriya shows the message to Rajnandini, revealing that the sender is demanding 25 lakhs and threatening to expose the truth if they fail to comply. Supriya suggests giving him the money, but Rajnandini questions if he possesses any evidence against them. Supriya proposes that Rajnandini accompany her if she suspects her.

Satvik reassures Narayanan that he will not divorce Jeevika or separate from her, emphasizing his love for both of them. Later, Jeevika questions Satvik’s decision to make that promise. Satvik asks her what else he should do and explains that he cannot cause further pain to Narayanan. He inquires why she is rushing to get a divorce and why it bothers her. Jeevika recalls Rajnandini’s words and assumes that Satvik’s decision stems from guilt. Satvik clarifies that there is nothing between him and Supriya. Jeevika asks what was between them then, to which Satvik responds that they are just good friends. Jeevika argues that marital bonds should surpass mere friendship and questions if love is necessary between a husband and wife. She declares that it doesn’t matter whether she loves him or not because he demanded a divorce. She wants to share Narayanan’s grief with him.

Satvik implores Jeevika to provide him with an answer regarding her feelings for him. However, Jeevika firmly declines to respond. Later, Supriya ventures to a haunted location, carrying a sum of money, in hopes of obtaining evidence. She approaches an individual and offers the money, requesting proof against her. To her surprise, she receives a message stating that she had been wearing a mask in front of everyone. Supriya protests, claiming that there is no evidence against her and accusing the person of playing games with her. The shocking message leaves Supriya in disbelief, prompting her to confess all her crimes out of frustration. She reveals that she had orchestrated a plan to separate Jeevika from Satvik, admitting all her secrets. The person instructs her to depart, taking the money with her. Confused, Supriya questions why he would do this, as he did not accept the money from her.

Meanwhile, Satvik persists in asking Jeevika for an answer, to which she questions his insistence. Supriya arrives at the scene, and Satvik confronts her about the situation. She declares that she will not leave the house and asserts that he need not worry about her. Supriya expresses her disapproval of taking things that do not belong to her, feeling humiliated by everyone. After Supriya leaves, Jeevika assures Satvik that she is not angry with him but rather disappointed. Sensing that something is amiss, Satvik becomes concerned. In the meantime, Jeevika advises Swara to focus on her studies, and Rajnandini expresses her happiness over Satvik’s rejection of Supriya. She credits Jeevika for setting things right, and Rajnandini suggests that Satvik still has feelings for Supriya despite refusing to marry her. She believes that Satvik is sacrificing his love for Jeevika and attempts to manipulate Jeevika against him. However, Jeevika firmly states that Rajnandini has no right to ask such a question and questions whether she is capable of doing any favors for the family or Satvik or if she can leave the house.

Supriya, consumed by frustration over Jeevika and Satvik, receives a mysterious letter that she interprets as a serious blackmail attempt. Rajnandini urges Jeevika to leave the house for Satvik’s happiness, but Jeevika refuses to abandon him, asking if he doesn’t trust her. Jeevika acknowledges Satvik’s need to make his own decisions and insists that they should not be forced upon them. She expresses her trust in him and her desire to no longer hurt him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shlok plans to unveil Supriya’s true nature before everyone. In a desperate attempt to deflect blame, Supriya cunningly accuses Jeevika to Satvik. Though Satvik expresses unwavering trust in Jeevika, he remains skeptical of Supriya’s words. Tensions escalate as Supriya resorts to extreme measures, pointing a gun at Jeevika, issuing a chilling threat to Satvik.

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