Udaariyaan 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Nehmat immersed in prayer at the Gurudwara, fervently seeking divine assistance. Beside her, Sartaj joins in, taking his place in prayer. As Nehmat opens her eyes, she discovers Sartaj’s presence beside her. Showing a gesture of kindness, Sartaj offers Nehmat prasaad, a sacred offering. Sartaj expresses his understanding of Nehmat’s predicament, even without being aware of the specifics. He believes that Ekam deserves to be informed about her pregnancy. However, Nehmat refuses, fearing that Ekam’s reaction would be overwhelming and detrimental. She worries that revealing the truth would cause Ekam to sever his relationship with Harleen and jeopardize everything they hold dear.

Meanwhile, at Ekam’s residence, Harleen confides in Nimmo about Sartaj and Nehmat’s absence. She requests Nimmo to stay until their return and offers to prepare tea for her. Naaz and Balveer observe this interaction closely. Suddenly, the commissioner arrives at the house accompanied by a police team. Harleen calls out to Ekam, who graciously welcomes the commissioner and inquires about the purpose of his visit alongside the police contingent. The commissioner accuses Ekam of accepting a bribe from a businessperson in exchange for closing a police case. Naaz and Balveer are delighted upon hearing these allegations. Balveer feigns astonishment, pretending to be taken aback by the claims against Ekam. In Ekam’s defense, Harleen speaks up. Recognizing Ekam’s integrity, the commissioner himself appears to investigate the matter by searching Ekam’s house. He expresses hope that nothing incriminating will be found. Displaying the search warrant, the commissioner proceeds with the inspection as Ekam gives his consent. Renuka, feeling anxious about the presence of the police, receives reassurance from Ekam. Naaz, disappointed by Nehmat’s absence, laments her inability to witness Ekam’s arrest.

In that situation, Sartaj expresses to Nehmat that she cannot raise her child alone. Nehmat responds by stating that their grandparents have given her the strength to raise her child as a single mother. Sartaj argues that Ekam also has a right to the child. Nehmat counters by saying that if Ekam wasn’t married to Harleen, he would have rights to the child, but now he has no rights over her or the child.

As the commissioner is about to leave after finding nothing, he notices Ekam’s cupboard and instructs an officer to inspect it. The officer complies and discovers a packet inside. The commissioner orders the officer to open it, leaving everyone shocked and Naaz and Balveer jubilant. The commissioner then orders the officer to arrest Ekam, and Ekam is taken into custody. Meanwhile, Nehmat expresses gratitude to God for her pregnancy and contemplates bringing Harleen and Ekam closer before their child’s birth. At that moment, Nimmo arrives at the Gurudwara and informs Sartaj and Nehmat about Ekam’s arrest. Nehmat and Sartaj are shocked, stating that Ekam couldn’t have done this. Sartaj decides to go to the police station, while Nehmat insists on accompanying him. However, Sartaj firmly refuses, leaving Nehmat to recall Jasmine’s words and suspect if she is behind Ekam’s arrest.

At the police station, Harleen defends Ekam and refuses to leave without him. Ekam tries to explain to the commissioner that he is innocent and has been framed. He begins to wonder if Jasmine set him up. Meanwhile, Nehmat confronts Jasmine, questioning why she framed Ekam despite their separation. Nehmat threatens Jasmine and demands Ekam’s release. Jasmine denies trapping Ekam, but a call interrupts their conversation. Nehmat answers and puts it on speaker, realizing that Jasmine is actually trying to free Ekam. Nehmat ponders on who else could have framed Ekam.

At Ekam’s residence, Balveer startles Renuka with alarming news that Ekam has been framed in a bribery case, putting all his assets at risk of being seized by the government. In an attempt to find a solution, he brings in an advocate who suggests transferring the properties to someone else’s name. Balveer proposes transferring everything to Renuka and asks her to gather all the necessary property documents. Renuka complies, and Balveer departs with her, taking the property papers along.

Meanwhile, Nimmo becomes aware of Nehmat’s visit to see Jasmine and reprimands Jasmine for it. Nehmat prays fervently for Ekam’s well-being. During this time, Balveer coincidentally encounters Sartaj while leaving. In the confusion, the files they were holding get mixed up. Sartaj and Balveer unintentionally pick up the wrong files. Sartaj questions Balveer about his destination, and Balveer fabricates a story about going to secure Ekam’s release. With that, Balveer leaves the scene.

At the police station, Harleen engages in a heated argument with the commissioner. She falsely confesses to taking the bribe instead of Ekam and implores the commissioner to arrest her. Jasmine tries unsuccessfully to calm her down, while Nehmat and Nimmo witness the commotion. Nehmat decides not to intervene, recognizing that Harleen is fighting for her husband.

Sartaj notices Nehmat’s presence and reproaches her for coming to the police station against his wishes. Nehmat announces her departure and asks Sartaj if he will handle everything. He assures her that he will. Nehmat leaves with Nimmo. Sartaj approaches the commissioner and claims that the money found in Ekam’s room belongs to him, presenting evidence to support his statement. Sartaj wonders how the money ended up in Ekam’s room. The commissioner examines the evidence and releases Ekam, offering apologies for the misunderstanding. Sartaj requests Ekam’s signature on his own bail papers, which Ekam promptly provides.

Nehmat tries to console Renuka, but Renuka lashes out at her, blaming her for all their troubles. Nehmat walks away and prays to Waheguru for Ekam’s well-being. Just then, Ekam, Harleen, and Sartaj return home. Renuka tearfully embraces Ekam, while Nehmat smiles and expresses gratitude to Waheguru. Balveer and Naaz are stunned to see Ekam’s release and wonder how it happened. Ekam expresses his gratitude towards Sartaj, acknowledging that he was trapped and vowing not to spare the person responsible for his ordeal.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat suddenly vomits, causing concern among her family members. Worried about her well-being, Harleen approaches Nehmat and inquires about the cause of her discomfort. Instead of revealing the truth, Nehmat decides to fabricate a story. Observing Nehmat’s condition, Naaz speculates that she might be pregnant. Harleen and Ekam exchange shocked glances as they process this unexpected revelation.

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