Udaariyaan 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Sartaj urging Nehmat to take some rest, but she decides to depart instead. At that moment, Ekam appears and advises Nehmat against leaving. A heated argument ensues between Nehmat and Ekam, as Nehmat implores Ekam to focus on Harleen rather than herself. Resolute, Ekam declares that he will not permit Nehmat to leave the premises. Suddenly, Nehmat begins to feel lightheaded, prompting Ekam to reprimand her. Sartaj intervenes, instructing both of them to keep quiet. He proceeds to issue a veiled threat of injecting Nehmat and Ekam to silence them. Afterward, he insists that Nehmat must rest and urges Ekam to remain calm. Ekam eventually departs from the scene.

In the kitchen, Harleen is busy washing dishes when Naaz and Cherry enter. Instead of being supportive, they start mocking Harleen, discussing Ekam’s interest in Nehmat rather than Harleen. Naaz goes as far as making fun of Harleen’s infertility. Fed up with their cheap behavior, Harleen raises her voice, shouting at both Naaz and Cherry to leave. Naaz sneers before departing, accompanied by Cherry.

Meanwhile, Nehmat confides in Sartaj, expressing her determination not to let others dictate her life choices. She has reached her limit and decides it’s time to leave. Overwhelmed by Naaz’s hurtful words, Harleen breaks down in tears and contemplates leaving as well. Unaware of her own actions, Harleen approaches Nehmat with the intention of hurting herself. Thankfully, Nehmat intervenes just in time and asks her sister what she’s doing. Harleen suddenly realizes her misguided intentions and becomes deeply concerned for Nehmat’s well-being. She urges Nehmat to go to her room and rest.

However, Nehmat experiences another bout of dizziness, prompting Harleen to shout at her for risking her own life to save Harleen’s. Nehmat attempts to calm her sister down, pleading with Harleen not to harm herself. Harleen shares her frustration, admitting her conflicting desires to remove Nehmat from her life and their home, yet unable to do so because Nehmat is her sister. She also expresses her pain and fear that their relationship may be irreparably damaged by the current circumstances. Nehmat feels guilty, silently acknowledging that Ekam isn’t treating Harleen with the respect she deserves.

In the midst of the turmoil, Sartaj arrives and takes Nehmat away to have a meal together.

Naaz expressed her disappointment towards Balveer, expressing her dissatisfaction at his failure to take her to the restaurant. In response, Balveer reminded her of their mutual decision to keep an eye on Nehmat. Just as he mentioned it, Sartaj and Nehmat arrived at the scene. Naaz seized the opportunity to poke fun at Nehmat by recalling her and Ekam’s favorite food. However, Nehmat declined the offer of outside food, much to everyone’s surprise.

Sartaj proposed the idea of having fruit instead, suggesting cherries. Unfortunately, both Nehmat and Sartaj quickly pointed out that Nehmat couldn’t eat papaya. Naaz questioned Nehmat’s sudden refusal, reminding her that she used to enjoy papaya a lot. Nevertheless, Nehmat firmly stood her ground and refused to consume it, causing Sartaj to fixate his gaze on her.

Meanwhile, Ekam found himself reminiscing about the events following Advait and Nehmat’s divorce, where Nehmat declined to marry him and everyone pressured her into marrying Ekam instead. Despite this, Nehmat had not left Ekam for Sartaj. These memories fueled Ekam’s determination to uncover the true reasons behind Nehmat’s decision to leave him.

Sensing Nehmat’s discomfort, she expressed her desire to return home as she wasn’t feeling well. Sartaj suggested that she rest, but Nehmat curtly dismissed his advice, requesting him to keep his suggestions to himself.

Nehmat receives a message from Ekam, revealing the shocking truth and leaving Nehmat taken aback. Disturbed by this revelation, Nehmat decides to leave the place, with Sartaj following closely behind. Naaz, noticing Nehmat’s sudden departure, jokingly comments on Nehmat’s behavior. Meanwhile, Harleen quietly speculates that Nehmat might be heading to meet Ekam. In the message, Ekam insists that Nehmat meets him within thirty minutes, warning that if Nehmat fails to comply, he will not spare the person responsible for their separation. Nehmat quickly hails an auto-rickshaw and sets off to meet Ekam.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat approached Ekam, curiosity gleaming in her eyes, and inquired about how he had come to discover the truth. Ekam gently grasped her hand, his voice filled with a mixture of determination and intensity, as he confessed that he had indeed uncovered the truth. The revelation stirred a storm of conflicting emotions within Nehmat as she listened to him passionately vowing to bring justice to the person responsible, a declaration that left her utterly stunned.

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