Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Sahiba unveiling Jatin’s hidden truth in front of Kiara, presenting evidence of Jatin and his family enjoying a meal together. Kiara finds it hard to fathom that Jatin already has a family. Curious and bewildered, Kiara confronts Sahiba, questioning whether she intended to seek revenge by sabotaging her relationship with Jatin. In response, Sahiba proposes that Kiara meet Jatin’s family to dispel any doubts. After considering the suggestion, Kiara agrees and proceeds to Jatin’s family gathering.

To her astonishment, Kiara discovers that Jatin’s family is indeed genuine. Sonia, Jatin’s wife, inquires about Kiara’s identity and her connection to Jatin. Kiara introduces herself as Jatin’s girlfriend, prompting Sonia to interrogate Jatin regarding Kiara. Seizing the opportunity, Sahiba asserts to Sonia that her husband, Jatin, is deceitfully involved with both Sonia and Kiara. Overwhelmed by the revelations, Kiara departs from the scene, tears streaming down her face. Sahiba follows after her, offering solace and affirming that she was right all along. Sahiba encourages Kiara to make her own decision about what to do next and subsequently departs from the situation.

Jasleen commends Seerat’s cooking skills while they sit at the dining table. Later, Jasleen turns her attention to Sahiba and shares her thoughts. Manveer agrees with Jasleen’s remarks about Sahiba. Subsequently, Sahiba returns to the Brar mansion.

Curious about Sahiba’s whereabouts, Manveer inquires about her destination. Sahiba responds by saying she went to work. However, Manveer persists in seeking a more detailed answer. Akaal questions Manveer’s persistence, wondering why she is interrogating Sahiba in such a manner. Manveer proceeds to ask Sahiba about the identity of the person who impregnated her. Jabjyot and Gurleen express their disbelief and shock at Manveer’s accusations against Sahiba. Seerat steps up to defend Sahiba.

Jasleen turns her attention to Angad and inquires about his thoughts regarding Manveer’s allegations against Sahiba. Angad states that since Sahiba is being questioned by Manveer, it is Sahiba who should provide an answer. Sahiba is deeply hurt by Manveer’s accusation and declares that she will not speak about it to anyone.

Later, Kiara comes forward and decides to reveal the truth. She confesses that Sahiba is not pregnant, but she is the one who is expecting a child. Jasleen questions Kiara’s decision to take the blame for Sahiba, to which Kiara clarifies that it’s the other way around. She explains to everyone how Sahiba took responsibility for her actions. Gurleen and Jabjyot admire Sahiba for her efforts to protect the reputation of the Brar family. Gurleen reprimands Manveer and Angad for their lack of trust in Sahiba. Angad asks Kiara about the identity of the child’s father, but Kiara remains silent. Sahiba reveals that Kiara was deceived by Jatin, the person who got her pregnant, as he already had a family unknown to Kiara. Angad requests details about Jatin from Kiara, who then loses consciousness. Angad admits Kiara to the hospital and apologizes to Sahiba for not trusting her. Sahiba questions Angad if he would be able to forgive her if he were in her position, and Angad remains silent.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Brar ladies assist Sahiba in preparing herself. Afterwards, Sahiba entrusts the college admission application to Angad and implores him to consider taking a step forward in order to bring happiness to his wife.

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