Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Garry stumbling back to his room in a drunken haze. Seerat, concerned for his well-being, attempts to engage him in conversation. However, Garry places the blame on Seerat for his current state, expressing his dissatisfaction. Seerat questions Garry about his decision to return home inebriated, to which Garry retorts that it’s none of her business, emphasizing that he didn’t consume alcohol using her father’s money. Seerat responds with a remark, reflecting on Garry’s words. Despite Seerat’s efforts to persuade Garry to change his ways, he disregards her pleas and issues a warning. Garry then instructs Seerat to remove his shoes before collapsing onto the bed, ready to sleep.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs Inder and Manveer that Angad has shown significant improvement and will be discharged today. Surprised, Inder and Manveer seek reassurance from the doctor, who affirms that Angad’s recovery has been remarkable, crediting Sahiba for her efforts. The doctor advises Inder and Manveer to bring Angad back for a follow-up after five days, and subsequently takes leave. Sahiba appeals to Inder and Manveer, sharing her promise to bring Angad to the Gurudwara as an expression of gratitude to God for his recovery. Angad agrees with Sahiba’s proposition and convinces Manveer and Inder to accompany them to the Gurudwara. Sahiba lends her support as she assists Angad in getting into the car.

Sahiba inquires of Inder whether he will not be joining them at the Gurudwara. Angad informs Sahiba that Inder has refrained from entering the Gurudwara for several years. Sahiba reminds Inder that he came to the Gurudwara that day to express gratitude to God, as Angad had made a remarkable recovery by His grace. Upon hearing this, Inder agrees to accompany them into the Gurudwara.

Angad informs Manveer that Inder has decided to enter the Gurudwara. He shares a glimpse of his past with Sahiba and mentions that after many years, they have reunited as a family in the Gurudwara, giving credit to Sahiba for making it possible. Angad expresses his gratitude to Sahiba.

Inder, Manveer, Sahiba, and Angad offer prayers to God. The Pandit blesses Sahiba on behalf of God and instructs her to keep the blessing in her shop, assuring her that it will bring her good fortune. Angad believes he is responsible for Sahiba losing her shop and makes a vow in front of God to do whatever it takes to make her happy, as she has taken care of him remarkably well.

After Angad returns to the Brar mansion, Gurleen performs the ritual to ward off the evil eye from him. The Brar family warmly welcomes Angad back home after his discharge from the hospital.

Garry approaches Angad and engages in conversation. Angad inquires about Seerat’s whereabouts. Garry informs him that Seerat has gone jogging. Prabjyot contradicts Garry and reveals that Seerat was in her room as she wasn’t feeling well. Angad questions Garry’s lack of knowledge about Seerat’s health. Jasleen dismisses Garry and instructs him to check on Seerat.

Garry goes to Seerat and inquires about her health. Seerat remains silent. Garry suggests that if she is feeling well, she can go and meet the Brar family, who are asking for her. Garry advises Seerat to tell others that she went jogging in the morning. He also urges her to wear a full-sleeved dress to conceal her wounds. Garry then departs from there.

Kiara arrives and shares the good news with her family that she secured the top position in her jewelry designing diploma at the university. The Brar family congratulates Kiara for her achievements. Sahiba extends her congratulations to Kiara and mentions that she, too, had aspirations to attend a fine arts college and pursue her studies, but couldn’t due to family circumstances. Kiara makes a comment about Sahiba.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gurleen eagerly receives Sahiba’s pregnancy report from the delivery boy, her face lighting up with joy. She rushes to her family, unable to contain her excitement, and shares the news that there is indeed good news to be celebrated. Akaal, intrigued by Gurleen’s announcement, inquires about the source of the good news. Gurleen smiles and responds that Angad will be the one to reveal the joyous tidings to everyone. She passes Sahiba’s pregnancy report to Angad, allowing him to take charge of the revelation. With anticipation building, Angad begins to read the report aloud, proclaiming the delightful news that Sahiba is expecting a child.

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