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Teri Meri Doriyaann 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Angad approaching Seerat and offering her a glass of water. Seerat wipes away her tears, and Angad inquires about the reason behind her sorrow. Seerat replies that she is crying over her unfortunate fate and wonders why she isn’t as lucky as Sahiba. She laments that if fate had been kinder, Garry would be here with her and his family today, but instead, he left, leaving her feeling alone. Angad questions why she feels alone when he and his family are there for her. However, Seerat believes that if her husband doesn’t care for her, the love and respect from his family become insignificant.

Angad wonders if Seerat is worried about Garry, but she denies it. In response, Angad assures her that he will talk to Garry and ensure he doesn’t leave her alone in any future gatherings. Meanwhile, Jasleen observes their interaction, noting that Angad’s concern for Seerat surpasses what is expected. Angad reassures Seerat that he and Sahiba will always be there for her. Recognizing Angad’s care for her, Seerat realizes that it is unlike Garry’s behavior. Angad then advises her to adjust her kajal, and after she does so, they leave together. Jasleen finds it intriguing that Angad shows more concern for Seerat than necessary.

Meanwhile, Manveer notices that Inder is consuming alcohol excessively. Angad joins Sahiba, and a renowned artist named Menaka arrives at his party. Menaka instructs her assistant to prevent anyone from approaching her for selfies. Menaka interacts with Akaal and his family. Sahiba spots Menaka and informs Angad that Menaka is her inspiration, expressing her admiration as a big fan. Angad smiles in response.

Sahiba approached Angad, requesting assistance in finding a house helper who could cater to Menaka’s favorite dishes. She mentioned to Angad that she had diligently followed all of Menaka’s interviews, hoping to learn from her experiences and become an artist herself. Angad noticed Sahiba’s excitement and happiness, which he hadn’t seen before. Curious, he inquired about the reason behind her current state. Sahiba playfully responded, attributing her happiness to their marriage. Angad smiled and promised to introduce her to Menaka.

Angad arranged a meeting between Sahiba and Menaka. Overwhelmed with admiration, Sahiba expressed her fandom to Menaka and proudly proclaimed herself as an artist as well. Eager to impress Menaka, Sahiba fetched her paintings to showcase to her. However, Menaka, grateful for the invitation but pressed for time, informed them that she needed to leave soon for her paintings auction. Sahiba eagerly presented her artwork to Menaka, seeking feedback. Unfortunately, Menaka chose to humiliate Sahiba, asserting that mere brush-holding did not make one an artist, and expressing doubts about Sahiba’s knowledge of painting. She justified her comments by claiming to provide honest feedback at Sahiba’s request. Grateful for the feedback, Sahiba thanked Menaka, while Angad felt disheartened. Sahiba left the place with her painting, disheartened, and Jasleen took pleasure in the situation. Akaal, overhearing the incident, reinforced his belief of not allowing his daughters-in-law to work, in order to spare them from such humiliation. Menaka added that it would be best if Sahiba refrained from showing her paintings to anyone.

Back in her room, Sahiba stared at her paintings, feeling defeated, and angrily threw them on the floor. Menaka entered the room and questioned Sahiba if she was satisfied with what she had said. Menaka reminded Sahiba that she had cautioned her against seeking excessive feedback, and viewed Sahiba as an aspiring artist. Menaka continued to belittle Sahiba, questioning her past achievements and implying that Sahiba lacked the courage to start from scratch to pursue her dreams. Sahiba defended herself, explaining that she had aspired to attend the best arts college and learn painting but was unable to fulfill her dream due to familial issues. Menaka dismissed Sahiba’s past and demanded to know her current actions. Criticizing Sahiba further, Menaka asked if she had the audacity to rebuild her dreams from scratch. With her message delivered, Menaka left the room.

In an attempt to uplift Sahiba’s spirits, Angad brought her sweets. Sahiba put on a facade, pretending that everything was fine. Sensing something amiss, Angad asked Sahiba if she was truly okay. Sahiba assured him that all her doubts had been cleared. Later, Angad showed Sahiba some photographs from various functions. Sahiba noticed that Inder, Angad’s father, appeared unhappy in the pictures and questioned why he seemed disconnected from the family. Angad revealed the past, explaining that Inder was a talented hockey player at the state level, but Akaal had not supported his dreams. Curious about Angad’s opinion, Sahiba expressed her belief that Inder could have become a renowned hockey player if Akaal had backed him. Angad was taken aback by Sahiba’s questioning of his grandfather’s decisions. Sahiba clarified that she was merely sharing her perspective and inquired if Angad’s mother had supported his father’s ambitions. Angad responded coldly, stating that Sahiba didn’t need to know about that.

[Episode End]

Precap : While Brar’s family opposes Sahiba’s decision to join the college, Angad stands firmly in support of her.

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