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Teri Meri Doriyaann 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Jabjyot urging Angad to accompany Sahiba for a routine check-up. Angad defers the discussion for later. Meanwhile, Sahiba receives a message from Kiara.

Stepping aside, Sahiba dials Kiara’s number and expresses her intention to join her at the cafe. She specifically requests Sahiba not to disclose her presence to Jatin. Kiara consents to the plan. Subsequently, Jatin arrives and inquires why Kiara summoned him. Kiara informs Jatin that she has bought a gift for him. Perplexed, Jatin questions the necessity of this gift. Kiara reveals her decision to keep the baby, to which Jatin vehemently objects. Sahiba interjects, asserting that the final verdict regarding the pregnancy lies solely with Kiara. Puzzled, Jatin asks Sahiba who she is. Kiara introduces Sahiba as her sister-in-law. This revelation incites Jatin to argue with Kiara for not maintaining the confidentiality of their relationship.

Growing frustrated, Jatin contemplates leaving the scene. Sensing his intention, Sahiba warns Jatin that if he departs at that moment, she will personally inform his parents about his and Kiara’s intention to wed. Hearing this, Jatin relents and decides to remain seated, asserting that he won’t run away. Jatin endeavors to convince Kiara to terminate the pregnancy, presenting her with a choice between her career and motherhood. Sahiba intervenes, reminding Jatin that Kiara can pursue both aspirations if he supports her. Gradually, Jatin expresses his need for more time to ponder over the matter. Unyielding, Sahiba reminds Jatin that time is of the essence, emphasizing that the truth about Kiara’s pregnancy will inevitably surface. Sahiba implores Jatin to approach his parents and seek Kiara’s hand in marriage. However, Jatin requests additional time to consider the proposal. In the midst of these discussions, Santosh calls Sahiba, prompting her to step aside and answer the call. Meanwhile, Kiara seizes the opportunity to discreetly slip away to the restroom and exits from there.

Sahiba engages in a phone conversation with Santosh. Santosh expresses her desire to give Sahiba a gift following the good news Sahiba shared with them. Sahiba kindly asks Santosh not to entertain such thoughts. Meanwhile, Jatin makes an attempt to leave the scene.

Curious about Jatin’s departure, Sahiba inquires about his intentions. Jatin reminds Sahiba that they have already discussed their plans. Sahiba further questions Jatin about the arrival of his parents. At that moment, Kiara arrives and suggests that they give Jatin some time to adjust, as he may need it. Jatin departs from the situation.

Observing Jatin waiting by the car, Sahiba decides to take an auto and leave. However, later on, Sahiba becomes suspicious of Jatin’s actions and decides to return, secretly spying on him from a distance. Jatin notices Sahiba’s absence through the rearview mirror and proceeds to place toys in his car before leaving.

Jatin goes to meet his wife and daughter, with Sahiba discreetly following in an auto. Sahiba eventually realizes that Jatin already has a family and is deceiving Kiara.

Sahiba contacts Kiara, instructing her to come to a specific location. Kiara agrees to meet Sahiba there. Meanwhile, Angad recalls Manveer’s words concerning Sahiba, and Surendar informs Angad that Sahiba’s shop has been reconstructed, ensuring that nobody will bother her anymore. Angad acknowledges the news and ends the call, reflecting on how he intended to surprise Sahiba, only to be shocked by her actions instead.

Sahiba tails Jatin’s car until he arrives at a restaurant with his family. Kiara joins Sahiba and inquires about the situation. They both sit together at the restaurant, where Sahiba reveals Jatin and his family to Kiara, explaining that this is the reason behind Jatin’s insistence on adoption. Kiara is left in utter shock upon hearing this revelation.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Brar ladies assisted Sahiba in preparing herself. Sahiba remembered their advice, urging her to set aside her work and prioritize her pregnancy and the baby. With that in mind, Sahiba entrusted Angad with her college admission application and implored him to take a step forward in bringing happiness to his wife.

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