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Teri Meri Doriyaann 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Angad receiving a call from Ajith, who expresses the desire to speak with Sahiba and requests Angad to pass the phone to her. Willing to oblige, Angad agrees and mentions to Ajith that he also has some congratulations to extend. Confused, Ajith inquires about the reason behind Angad’s remark. Angad then reveals that Sahiba is pregnant, evoking a sense of joy in Ajith. Ajith proceeds to congratulate Angad, leaving him perplexed as Sahiba had not disclosed her pregnancy to her family.

Meanwhile, Inder and Manveer contemplate the circumstances surrounding Sahiba’s pregnancy, sparking a heated debate between the two. Inder ponders the possibility that Sahiba’s pregnancy signifies Angad’s acceptance of her as his wife. On the other hand, Manveer arrives at a different conclusion, suggesting that Sahiba might be involved in an affair. Inder is taken aback by this notion, while Angad, who overheard Manveer’s assumption, becomes suspicious of Sahiba.

Kiara and Jatin crossed paths at a restaurant, and he expressed his delight over some news. However, as their conversation progressed, Jatin began discussing Kiara’s career and expressed concerns that the baby would pose a hurdle for her professional aspirations. This sparked a heated argument between Kiara and Jatin, as she strongly disagreed with his viewpoint. In an unexpected turn, Jatin even suggested that Kiara should consider aborting the baby, leaving her torn and conflicted.

Feeling the need to confide in someone, Kiara reached out to Sahiba and shared her conversation with Jatin, revealing his unsettling suggestion of abortion. Sahiba was taken aback by this revelation. Meanwhile, Angad overheard Sahiba discussing the matter on the phone, specifically the topic of abortion. Intrigued and suspicious, Angad confronted Sahiba, questioning her about the call and even suspecting her of having an affair. Sahiba urged Angad not to say something he might regret and promptly left the scene.

Sahiba, now on the phone with Kiara, expressed her disbelief at Jatin’s audacious suggestion and offered her support. Kiara, on the other end, expressed her desire to keep the baby, despite Jatin’s objections. Sahiba assured Kiara that she would speak to Jatin on her behalf. Agreeing to this plan, Kiara decided to personally call Jatin the following day, while Sahiba resolved to have a conversation with him as well.

Later, Sahiba noticed missed calls from Kirat and promptly returned the call. Kirat joyfully congratulated Sahiba on her pregnancy, enthusiastically envisioning Sahiba’s child as a future wrestler. However, Kirat sensed Sahiba’s lack of happiness and inquired about the reasons behind it. Santosh, Kirat’s mother, intervened in the conversation and attributed Sahiba’s concerns to common worries that arise during pregnancy. She assured Sahiba of her own happiness upon hearing the news. Sensing Sahiba’s request for privacy, Sahiba requested Santosh not to disclose the news to others and ended the call.

The next day, Sahiba’s sister Jabjyot fed her Halwa with her own hands, claiming responsibility for Sahiba’s well-being, citing a belief that modern girls lack the knowledge of caring for a baby. Jabjyot then assigned the task of looking after Sahiba to Seerat. Meanwhile, Jasleen approached Sahiba and questioned her about her desire to keep the baby, as Sahiba’s demeanor didn’t reflect happiness in her marriage. Sahiba emphasized the importance of her family to her. Gurleen interjected with a comment, prompting Jabjyot to suggest that Angad take Sahiba to a hospital. However, Angad deflected the topic, stating that they would discuss it later, before departing from the scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Brar ladies assist Sahiba in preparing herself. Sahiba reminisces about the advice they gave her, urging her to set aside her work during her pregnancy and focus on the well-being of her child.

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