Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Mahir declaring that the moment has arrived for a grand hunt. He asserts that Veer, once present, will not be able to depart, signifying the end of his story. Suddenly, Mahir sprouts horns, indicating a transformation of some sort. Veer questions Mahek, expressing his confusion as to why she couldn’t prevent Mahir’s transformation, considering her formidable powers. Mahek proceeds to explain that their energies were manipulated by a device, rendering them powerless against Mahir’s transformation.

Meanwhile, Rudra attempts to manipulate Viaan against the werewolves and Yogini. However, Viaan remains unconvinced and accuses Rudra of stealing the device. Rudra, emphasizing his own role as a hunter, fails to sway Viaan, who dismisses him and departs. Frustrated, Viaan contacts an individual, expressing his dissatisfaction with the situation.

Just as Mahek and Isha are preparing to leave, they encounter Cherry’s distressed mother. She reveals that Cherry has gone missing and attempts to reach out to them for assistance, but was unable to do so. Determined to find Cherry, Mahek and Isha promise to search for him and quickly exit. In the midst of their search, Veer’s mind is consumed by Armaan’s words, evoking strong emotions within him. Isha joins Veer, sitting by his side, as he fondly reminisces about Armaan. Seeking solace, Isha comforts Veer, emphasizing the need to bring Armaan back. Veer agrees, and the two draw closer to share a tender moment, only to be interrupted by Mahek’s untimely entrance. Filled with embarrassment, Mahek hastily retreats outside, leaving Veer and Isha longing for a moment that was abruptly halted.

Isha joins Mahek, who is holding a book, and Veer inquires about it. Isha informs him that they are attempting to locate Cherry. She explains that Cherry has gone missing, causing Maya to worry. Mahek tries to use her powers to find Cherry but encounters a protective shield that prevents her from doing so. However, she assures them that Cherry is alive and nearby, but confined by a spell. Determined to rescue him, they decide to embark on the search, but Isha forbids Veer from accompanying them. Disguising themselves, they set off, and Mahek bids farewell to Viaan, leaving Isha under his protection. Unbeknownst to them, Rudra observes the events and relays the information to someone.

Later, Isha and Viaan engage in a discussion about hunters, with Viaan expressing support for them. Intrigued, Isha questions his stance, but Viaan deflects the topic. Isha also inquires about the device, but Viaan feigns innocence. He steps aside momentarily, retrieves a book, and returns it after a moment of contemplation. Meanwhile, Mahek discovers a way to track Cherry’s location, prompting Isha to depart with her. Suddenly, one of Mahir’s men arrives to attack Veer, but Veer emerges victorious in the encounter. At the same time, Rudra contacts Viaan, misleading him by claiming that his sister is trapped with a werewolf and that no one is able to assist them. Viaan witnesses Veer dragging the unconscious hunter and seizes the opportunity to take his book.

Meanwhile, Rudra and his men encircle Isha and Mahek, preparing to attack them. Mahek attempts to use her powers, but Rudra employs a device that deactivates her abilities. They engage in a hand-to-hand battle, resulting in Mahek getting injured and losing consciousness, while Isha is kidnapped by Rudra. Veer arrives at the scene and is shocked to see Mahek unconscious. As she regains consciousness, she reveals everything to Veer.

[Episode End]

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