Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Veer storming angrily towards Mahir. Mahir greets him in a sarcastic manner, and Veer inquires about Eisha’s whereabouts. Eisha is brought forward, prompting Veer to question why she has been brought there. Mahir responds by stating that she was brought for him. Veer mocks Mahir, but Mahir asserts that he is taking these actions to protect Landstale. Veer retorts, claiming that Mahir was not appointed as the leader for this purpose. Mahir corrects him, emphasizing that this is precisely the issue at hand—he wants to be the ultimate leader and king, despite having made Veer the leader of Landstale. A confrontation ensues between Veer and his men, after which Veer leaves with Eisha, issuing a warning to Mahir.

Upon stepping outside, Veer expresses concern for Eisha’s well-being. Eisha reassures him that she is fine but remains curious about Mahir’s intentions. Veer dismisses Mahir’s behavior as mere theatrics and reveals that he believes Mahir is planning something significant. Suddenly, their attention is drawn to a shining stone, leading them to realize that Cherry is trapped within it. Cherry is found tied up in a secluded location, with Mahir approaching her. She recollects her abduction by him. A Yogini voices her opposition against Mahir, resulting in his hunter grabbing her by the neck. Veer witnesses the incident but remembers Eisha’s advice to control his powers and avoid impulsive actions. He manages to restrain himself, although the Yogini is taken away. Veer stealthily infiltrates the area where Cherry is being held captive.

Veer attempts to bring Cherry along, but she insists he goes alone to avoid getting caught. Veer reveals a secret spell cast by Mahek that renders him unrecognizable, assuring Cherry that no one can sense his presence. However, he mentions that the spell’s effects only last for two hours, urging them to leave before it wears off. Cherry, determined to uncover Mahir’s plan, requests Veer’s departure, promising to escape on her own once she acquires the necessary information. Mahir reaffirms their agreement before proceeding to rescue the Yogini. The Yogini reveals that several other Yoginis have been captured as well. Mahir successfully escapes with her, but the hunters soon discover her absence.

Meanwhile, Veer observes Mahir using his powers to locate the Yogini. Realizing that his time is also running out, Veer decides to escape, leaving the Yogini behind to devise a better plan. At Viaan’s place, Viaan finds Rudra present and confronts him, expressing his anger at Rudra’s reappearance. A fight ensues between the two, with Rudra overpowering Viaan. Rudra warns Viaan that he’s sparing him only because Viaan gave him the device, but Viaan corrects him, claiming that Rudra actually stole it from him. Unbeknownst to them, Mahek, disguised as someone else, overhears the conversation and feels betrayed. Viaan attempts to explain the situation to her, but she slaps him in response to his betrayal and storms off angrily, leaving him behind. This infuriates Major. Meanwhile, Eisha and Veer share a romantic moment, culminating in Eisha kissing Veer.

[Episode End]

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