Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode kicks off with an intense fight between Halaya and Armaan. In a desperate bid to capture Isha alive, Armaan ultimately defeats and kills Halaya. However, their conversation is overheard by Sikandar, who realizes that he has been betrayed by Armaan. This revelation puts Armaan on high alert. As Sikandar comprehends Armaan’s true intentions of saving both Veer and Isha undercover as a slave, his anger intensifies, unleashing a ferocious and vengeful side of him. The two adversaries engage in a fierce battle, their demonic personas clashing with each other.

In the midst of their heated confrontation, Raima intervenes and urges them to cease their fight. She reminds Sikandar that he will undoubtedly need Armaan if they are to retrieve Isha. Raima suggests that he should also contact Bhim for assistance.

Meanwhile, Mahek grows increasingly worried about Isha’s safety. She becomes fearful that Sikandar may be closing in on Isha. Mahek realizes that if it is indeed Sikandar who is searching for Isha, then she must leave the town. Although Isha is reluctant to abandon her current surroundings, Mahek stresses the importance of her departure. Isha finds herself torn between her desire to stand by Armaan and the necessity of leaving town.

After much deliberation, Mahek reaches a decision: Isha must leave town accompanied by Viaan. The two of them make their way to the college and meet up with Viaan. He is informed that he too must leave the captivating town alongside Isha. Viaan finds it hard to fathom that he must bid farewell to such a mesmerizing place, and Isha regrets the unforeseen circumstances that have led to this outcome.

Suddenly, Mahek senses the presence of both Sikandar and Armaan. With urgency, she implores Isha to depart from the location immediately, ensuring her safety.

Meanwhile, Sikandar and Armaan arrived at the college, and Armaan was instructed to bring Isha immediately. Complying with the order, Armaan hurriedly entered the classroom. Little did he know that a horrifying incident was about to unfold. Sikandar and Raima initiated a merciless killing spree within the college premises.

Amidst the chaos, Isha and Mahek managed to flee from the scene and sought refuge with Arman. However, their respite was short-lived as Sikandar apprehended them, catching them red-handed. Upon his arrival, Isha was subjected to cruel mockery, reminding her of her dire circumstances. Dragging her forcefully, Sikandar forcefully shoved her into a waiting car.

Despite Mahek and Cherry’s valiant efforts to assist Isha, Raima ruthlessly attacked them, causing harm to both. However, Sikandar had other plans for Mahek, desiring to keep her alive for a few more moments. He demanded that she perform certain rituals, hoping to fulfill his lingering thirst for power. Unyielding, Mahek vehemently declared that there was no chance of completing his unfulfilled ambitions.

In the midst of this tense situation, Mahir arrived to protect and protest against Sikandar’s actions. Unfortunately, he too fell victim to Sikandar’s clutches. Mahir suffered the painful severing of his hand and was soundly defeated.

Mahek, accusing Veer of neglecting to acknowledge his brother’s sudden transformation and the gravity of the situation, conveyed the distressing news that Sikandar had reached Isha’s educational institution. The lives of Isha and other students were now in imminent danger. Upon hearing this, Veer’s countenance shifted from despair to intense vigilance, propelling him to rise from his chair with a renewed sense of determination.

Sikandar, a figure at the educational institute, presents an opportunity to the students for them to be free from his grasp. He proposes that they amputate Isha’s hands and legs since her intact body is not essential for the ritual. However, when two students attempt to carry out the act, Armaan intervenes and stops them. Isha experiences a sense of relief. Meanwhile, Veer prepares himself to confront Sikandar within the academy.

In the midst of this, Mahek requests Veer to bring her some books. Her plan is to deceive Sikandar by providing him with incorrect information about the rituals, while secretly aiming to hinder him in any possible way. Sikandar becomes enraged at Armaan for preventing the students from harming Isha. However, Armaan explains that they may require Isha’s body to remain intact for the rituals.

Upon hearing Armaan’s explanation, Sikandar appears satisfied and agrees to wait for Mahek to arrive with the accurate ritual information. Veer retrieves the books for Mahek, and she casts a spell to facilitate her understanding of the text. Mahek discovers from the book that, in order to perform the ritual, not only is an Angira girl necessary, but her death is also required. Sikandar, using his superpower, overhears Mahek’s voice from the academy. He proceeds to Isha with the intention of killing her, offering a knife to Armaan to carry out the deed. Isha appears devastated, casting a pitiful glance at Armaan as he accepts the knife from Sikandar.

[Episode End]

Precap : In order to eliminate Isha, an Angira werewolf, Armaan is tasked with the responsibility of personally ending her life. Isha attempts to evade capture by fleeing the scene and seeking refuge within a locked room. However, Armaan and Sikander manage to breach the delicate door and gain entry. Firmly grasping her hand, Armaan proceeds to carry out the act of dispatching Isha using a razor-sharp knife.

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