Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Armaan intercepts Veer, halting his actions. Veer exclaims, “First, you turned me into a wolf, and now you won’t let me die?” Armaan firmly asserts, “I won’t allow you to perish. You’re my brother, and I cannot bear to see you die.” Veer challenges Armaan, questioning his loyalty, stating that if he remains alive, he will snatch Eisha away from him. Armaan responds confidently, “You can try, but I won’t let you die. I will protect you.”

Meanwhile, Sikander approaches Daksh, boasting about his newfound power. Daksh reminds Sikander that he possessed the dagger and could have killed him, even now. However, Daksh inquires about the whereabouts of their family. Sikander, direct as ever, breaks down a wall, revealing their family’s presence. Overwhelmed with remorse, Daksh apologizes to his mother, acknowledging his mistakes. He attempts to embrace her, but she remains intangible. Confused, Daksh questions the situation, realizing he can pass through her. In a shocking turn of events, Sikander stabs Daksh, laughing sadistically. It becomes apparent that the scenes were mere illusions created by Sikander. He gleefully declares, “I promised I would reunite you with our mother. Since she is dead, you must die to meet her. I have fulfilled my promise. Rajwanshi wolves can be killed by Maheshi wolves. Now go and meet our mother, Daksh, and tell her that Sikander hasn’t changed one bit.” Daksh breathes his last breath, ominously warning Armaan, “You’re next, Armaan.”

Subsequently, Armaan secures Veer in a jail cell, ensuring his confinement. Armaan pleads with Mehak, urging her to cure Veer. Mehak, initially reluctant due to her disdain for Veer, contemplates the request. Opening her book, she attempts to contact her ancestors for guidance. Chandrika, one of the ancestors, reveals that they cannot provide the cure, as it could have severe consequences for their family. Mehak, frustrated, mentions overhearing Sikander’s name during their conversation, doubting his willingness to assist them in any way.

Armaan pays a visit to Sikander, who greets him with a smug remark, stating, “I knew you were missing me. Chandrika is correct. I possess the cure to save your brother.” Curious, Armaan inquires about the cure, to which Sikander responds, “I have no intention of helping anyone. It doesn’t align with my nature. However, I am open to making a deal.” Armaan questions the terms of the deal, prompting Sikander to mention an ancient tale about a notorious serial killer named Amraan Oberoi who once roamed the area. Sikander proposes that Armaan resurrect his inner animal and become that ruthless killer again. Armaan expresses doubt, questioning Sikander’s trustworthiness. At that moment, Bheem appears and bites Armaan, causing him to suffer a wound. Sikander reveals his true intention, offering his blood to heal Armaan’s wound, on the condition that Armaan becomes his lifelong slave and saves Veer. Recognizing Armaan’s love for his brother, Sikander plays his card, stating, “I know you won’t let Veer die. You have the power to save him and be my slave.”

Meanwhile, Eisha searches for Amraan and finds Veer locked in a jail cell. Sikander urges Armaan to begin their agreement, instructing him to drink human blood as a first step. Armaan complies and questions Sikander’s motives, asking, “What do you gain from making me your slave?” Sikander responds with a sinister amusement, revealing his resentment towards Armaan’s father and his desire to assert dominance, exclaiming, “I used to call your dad my father. He cast us aside and labeled me a dog of the streets. It enraged me, so now I will show him that you are my dog.”

Eisha notices Veer’s distressed state and approaches him, expressing concern and questioning why Armaan imprisoned him. Veer, filled with anguish, pushes her away, urging her to leave. However, Eisha refuses to abandon him, gently taking him inside. Sikander prepares a vial containing his blood and hands it to Kaviya, instructing her to give it to Veer. Eisha apologizes to Veer for not being able to speak to him at the funeral, while Armaan, conflicted, doubts Kaviya’s loyalty in his heart.

[Episode End]

Precap : Eisha expresses her remorse, saying, “Sorry, Veer, I couldn’t speak to you at the funeral.” Veer, feeling unworthy of love and connection, responds, “I don’t deserve to be spoken to or loved. I’ve never been able to find love.” Eisha reassures him, “One day, you will find your love.” Veer confesses, “Kaviya isn’t the one I loved. The person I should have loved was Eisha.”

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