Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with an intriguing scene in Landslade, where Isha is receiving swordplay lessons from Veer. As they engage in the training, their closeness grows apparent. Unexpectedly, Isha accidentally wounds Veer deeply with her sword. Despite the severity of the injury, Veer remains undeterred, urging her to continue practicing. However, after a while, Isha’s hunger becomes overwhelming, and she expresses her desire for food. She turns to Veer, hoping to find some ingredients at home. Unfortunately, since it is a werewolf’s house, it is only natural that there are no provisions suitable for humans. Realizing this, Veer decides to go to the grocery store to fetch some supplies.

Meanwhile, in a different room, Viaan and Mahek are on a quest to find a specific book. In their search, Mahek requests Viaan to bring a machine that can help her identify a solution she seeks. With determination, Mahek employs her magical abilities and attempts to activate the inactive machine. However, her efforts fall short, and she struggles to find the right focus. Encouraged by Viaan, she gathers her concentration once more, only to have the machine unexpectedly catch fire and be consumed by the flames.

After some time, Veer returned from the grocery shop with a variety of ingredients, including yogurt and pasta. Isha was thrilled because she had a strong liking for pasta, and Veer had thoughtfully bought it for her. However, Isha couldn’t help but wonder if Veer remembered her preferences and dislikes. When she asked him about it, Veer avoided giving her a direct answer, instead mentioning his flirtatious nature. Isha, still curious, inquired if Veer knew how to cook. To her surprise, Veer scoffed at her assumption and proclaimed that he didn’t possess any culinary skills.

Determined to change the situation, Isha suggested that they cook together. Meanwhile, Mahek stumbled upon an ancient diary that belonged to Veer and Armaan’s father. Viaan, curious about its contents, approached Mahek and asked her what was written in the book.

While Veer had taught Isha how to wield a sword, it was now Isha’s turn to teach Veer how to cook. Unfortunately, Veer managed to make a mess of everything. He even accidentally splattered sauce on Isha’s face. Frustrated, Isha asked Veer for guidance on mixing flour, but once again, Veer made a blunder with the ingredients.

Just then, Mahek joined them and shared her recent discovery. She revealed that Vivek Oberoi had invented a process to diminish the power of Sikandar. This revelation intrigued everyone, and they realized that Veer needed to reach out to his father to unravel the mystery. However, when Mahek suggested she could connect with Veer’s deceased father, Veer was taken aback and refused the idea, fearing that Vivek Oberoi would harm him.

Isha pulls Veer inside, signaling the need for a serious discussion. Observing their interaction, Viaan suspects that something is brewing between Veer and Isha. Sensing his unease, Isha encourages him to reach out to his father and advises him to let go of his guilt. Veer, burdened by the knowledge that he is responsible for his father’s demise, is overcome with fear, unable to confront him. To provide solace, Isha shares her own experience of losing her parents due to her actions.

Meanwhile, Armaan informs Sikandar about being unable to locate Isha and Veer. However, Sikandar dismisses his words, scoffing sarcastically. Armaan persists, attempting to convince Sikandar about Viaan’s death. Sikandar mentions the significance of Daksh’s ring, which supposedly possesses the power to save Viaan’s life. In a bid to find a solution, Sikandar arranges for the assistance of another Tantrik. Veer, still grappling with the idea of facing his father, remains uncertain. Yet, Isha manages to persuade him to make the crucial contact.

Later, Mahek confronts Isha, inquiring about her feelings towards Veer.

[Episode End]

Precap : Having reached out to his father, Veer experiences an immense sense of relief, finally being freed from the burden of his long-standing guilt. He eloquently recounts how his father has graciously forgiven him, and in light of this profound forgiveness, Veer expresses his sincere gratitude towards Isha. Having endured an overwhelming remorse, Isha has been instrumental in helping Veer find solace and liberation from his repentance. Overflowing with gratitude, Veer tightly embraces Isha, conveying his profound appreciation.

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