Saavi Ki Savaari

Saavi Ki Savaari 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Raksham stumbling upon his adoption paper, causing him to drop it in utter shock. Sonam also catches sight of the adoption paper. Ratna queries her about whose name is mentioned in it. Vedika inquires Sonam about what happened, to which Sonam discloses that the paper reveals Raksham to be an adopted son. Vedika informs Saavi that she possessed the aforementioned paper. Sonam reprimands Saavi, while Vedika and Saavi feign having orchestrated the revelation to astonish Raksham. Saavi tears the papers and extends her apologies to Raksham and Sonam. Sonam suggests that they should proceed with the game.

A warden employed at the orphanage arrives at the scene, evoking a smile from Dimpy. Vedika whispers to Saavi that they cannot evade scrutiny since the lady is associated with the orphanage. The warden expresses gratitude to Vedika for inviting her to Raksham’s birthday party. She informs Raksham that several years ago, Vedika and Shivam adopted him from her orphanage. She wishes him a happy birthday. Sonam urges the warden to cease her jesting, suspecting her to be part of Vedika and Saavi’s prank. The warden asserts that she is speaking the truth and adds that she came to meet Raksham as an adult. Saavi suggests they go inside and discuss further.

The Warden implores Vedika to acknowledge that she had indeed adopted Raksham. Sonam accuses the Warden of fabricating the story for financial gain. She instructs Nityam to summon the security guard and expel the Warden from the house. In response, the Warden cautions Sonam to remain within her limits. To substantiate her claims, the Warden presents a photograph of Vedika and Raksham taken at the orphanage. Raksham turns to Vedika, seeking confirmation of this revelation. Accepting the truth, Vedika asserts that Raksham’s true family lies with her, as he had first called her “mother,” rendering the significance of any legal document irrelevant. She questions Raksham’s silence and devalues the importance of the paper. In turn, Raksham queries why Vedika had concealed the paper from him if it held no value. Vedika explains that she was apprehensive about his reaction and unaware of how the paper resurfaced at this time. Sonam accuses Saavi of orchestrating this scheme to sabotage their happiness and thwart Nityam’s announcement.

Nityam informs Raksham that he has appointed him as a board member of Dalmia Industries. He assures Raksham that this revelation changes nothing and emphasizes that Raksham is still his brother. Nityam requests Raksham’s signature on the papers since the other board members have already signed. Feeling as though his life is a façade, Raksham tells Nityam. Vedika intervenes, reminding Raksham that she is his mother and advises him not to dwell on anything else. Raksham departs from the scene, leaving Vedika to collapse in anguish and weep. The weight of Kumud’s curse echoes in her mind.

Media personnel have reported on Raksham’s adoption news, which has caused a stir. In the midst of this, Sonam directs blame towards Saavi, holding her responsible for the entire situation. However, Saavi vehemently denies any wrongdoing and insists that she is innocent. Himesh intervenes by sending the media away from the scene.

Seeking solace, Saavi confides in Vedika, expressing her confusion about how the news leaked to the papers. Nityam seizes the opportunity to taunt Saavi, mocking her for trusting Manav in this matter. Doubt begins to creep into Dimpy’s mind, making her believe that Saavi will struggle to prove her innocence. At that moment, the Dalmia family enters the scene.

Nutan advises Sonam to console Raksham, emphasizing the latter’s need for support. Sonam, however, reveals that she married Raksham under the impression that he belonged to the Dalmia family, but recent revelations have shattered that belief. Despite the circumstances, she is now expected to stand by Raksham. The Goyal family departs from the location, leaving Sonam overwhelmed with emotions as she recalls the words spoken by the warden and Vedika, leading her to cry.

[Episode End]

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