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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Haider splashing water on Gazal’s face, urging her to wake up and explain what happened to her and why she is in the store room. Gazal, blaming Haider for her current state, reveals that he is the reason behind her suffering. Despite attempting to call him, he disconnects her call, leaving her feeling unworthy of life. Gazal believes Haider has denied her rights ever since they got married, and she expresses her desire to perish in that very room. Frustrated by her distress, Haider reassures her that he will handle the situation and implores her to share what happened to her and who is responsible. Gazal believes she deserves punishment for her actions and continues to express her desire to die. Haider implores her not to shoulder the blame alone and insists that she reveals the identity of the person behind her ordeal, swearing to hold that individual accountable. Gazal confides in Haider, disclosing the warning and assault she endured from Dua. However, she intentionally withholds the information about her attempted attack on Hamida, leaving Haider in shock upon hearing the revelation. Meanwhile, Dua discusses with Gulnaaz the urgency of locating Ruhaan and determining where he might be hiding. Hafeez asserts that Gazal couldn’t have orchestrated everything alone and believes someone is aiding her in these actions.

Gulnaaz reminisces about Gazal’s revelation that they had custody of Ruhan, and she relays this information to Dua. She further informs Dua that Eihchaaz is also in Gazal’s possession, and as a result, her son is being held captive. In an act of self-defense, Gulnaaz locked Dua inside a room because Dua had threatened her by showing a compromising video. Dadi remarks that their lack of respect for a mother’s love will lead them to face death like a stray dog.

Dua suggests a plan to save Ruhan, prompting Dadi to inquire about the details. Dua explains that they will assist Gazal and her accomplices in getting closer to Ruhan. Gulnaaz questions how they will be able to help, to which Dua reveals that they are closely monitoring Ruhan’s whereabouts. They intend to establish contact with the criminals responsible for his security. Dua instructs Hafeez to keep a vigilant eye on Eihchaaz. Dadi commends Dua for her valuable idea, believing that once Ruhan is freed, they will be able to bring Gazal to justice.

In the midst of their conversation, Haider suddenly shouts Dua’s name, prompting her to question his behavior. Haider asks why she is behaving in a particular manner, to which Dua responds by reminding him that he has forfeited his right to question her. Haider asks why she is talking back to him, and Dua counters by questioning his own betrayal. She asserts that he is no longer the same person she once considered the love of her life.

She is no longer the old Dua, who was once willing to sacrifice everything for him. Both he and their circumstances have changed, leading her to change as well. He is the catalyst for these changes, and whatever she has gone through, he is the cause of it. She feels the need to punish him for his actions. But why is she punishing Gazal? Why resort to violence against her? Hina intervenes and questions her, asking if she intends to raise her hand against Gazal again. This is precisely why she feared something terrible would happen to her children. She asks about Gazal’s whereabouts, and Gazal timidly appears. Hina requests a first aid box for them. Eihchaaz confronts Dua, questioning how she dares to treat his sister that way. He is on the verge of striking Dua when Hafeez steps in between them.

Hafeez warns him to stay away from Dua or else he will break his leg. Eihchaaz complains to Haider, alleging that Dua assaulted his sister and that Hafeez is threatening him. He claims they have no rights in this household. Haider warns Eihchaaz to stay away from Dua and asserts that he won’t let anyone harm her. Hina questions why he is supporting Dua, as she had complained that nobody cared about Gazal in this situation. Haider demands Dua to speak up and confirm whether she did indeed beat Gazal. He asks her to provide an explanation. Gazal fears her plan will be ruined if she reveals the truth to everyone, so she interrupts them, urging Haider to drop the matter. She knows he won’t question her actions, regardless of what she does. Haider insists she answers his question. Hafeez is about to speak up, but Dua stops him and admits that she did hit Gazal. Haider asks her why she resorted to violence and where she got the right to do so. Dua retorts by asking him why he married her and gave her rights to another woman. She gives him a fitting reply. Gazal seizes the opportunity to manipulate the situation in her favor and provokes Haider against Dua. Dua walks away from the scene. Haider mentions that Gazal is his wife, implying that she doesn’t have the right to harm her. Gazal interprets this as the first time he acknowledges her as his wife. She plans to use this to fuel Haider’s hatred towards Dua and drive them apart.

[Episode End]

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