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Rabb Se Hai Dua 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Gazal inquiring of Eihchaaz whether their plan is proceeding as intended. Eihchaaz assures her that Ruhan is patiently awaiting his prey, ensuring that Dua will not return home today. Gazal expresses her desire for Dua to remain absent from home, as her happiness lies with Haider, and she must bid farewell to her former life. Meanwhile, Dua arrives at the designated location. Gulnaaz contacts her to confirm her arrival, to which Dua affirms. She joyfully informs them that she will bring her son back home, urging them to be happy. Both Gulnaaz and Dadi are elated upon hearing this news. Dua asserts that she will return home accompanied by Ruhan. Concerned for her safety, Gulnaaz suggests involving the police, but Dua dissuades her, emphasizing the danger that Ruhan faces. Dua implores them to closely monitor Gazal, ensuring that she remains unaware of their plan. Kaynaat discreetly observes Gazal, reporting that she is engrossed in reading a magazine. Gazal, pleased by their ignorance of her surveillance, remains focused on her mission. Meanwhile, Dua converses with them, but her phone signal suddenly vanishes. Despite their efforts to reach her, her mobile remains devoid of a signal. Worried, Gulnaaz expresses her distrust towards Eihchaaz, fearing for Dua’s well-being. Hafeez asserts the need to locate her immediately, unable to bear the weight of his mother’s concerns. Dadi advises them to have faith in Dua and wait for one hour. If she fails to return home within that time, they can take necessary action. Unbeknownst to them, Gazal notices Haider’s struggle to walk, as he experiences dizziness while attempting to find Dua’s room. Despite his disorientation, he manages to reach the vicinity of the bed. Gazal interprets this as a sign that he has reached the correct place, where a blissful night awaits him. Meanwhile, Dua searches for a signal, only to discover that Eihchaaz has deployed a jamming device, leaving her under his watchful eye. Gazal, consumed by the belief that her life is now free of disturbances, eagerly approaches Haider, gazing at him with romantic intent. She tenderly caresses his face, convinced that he is her Haider and that she rightfully belongs to him, as they share profound love. Just as she leans in to kiss him, an unexpected noise interrupts their moment. Gazal decides to investigate the source of the disturbance and requests Haider to wait outside. Meanwhile, Dadi confides in Gulnaaz her anxiety about being unable to reach Dua, fearing the worst.

Gulnaaz voices her concern, alerting them that both Ruhan and Dua are in grave danger. She emphasizes that if anything were to happen to Dua, she wouldn’t be able to face God. Ravi intervenes, urging them not to waste time and emphasizing the need to find Dua. Hafeez suggests going to the location where Dua last contacted them, and Gulnaaz insists on accompanying them. However, Hafeez expresses his apprehension about taking risks with her, considering the danger involved. Gulnaaz, determined not to remain silent when her children are at risk, insists on going along and asks Noor to bring her purse. Gazal notices this and quietly leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Dua arrives at the location and calls out Ruhan’s name.

Eihchaaz accuses Ruhan of coming with a bag of money to kill him, claiming that she intends to mercilessly take away his love and happiness, and separate him from Gazal. Ruhan recalls his conversation with Dua, where she had warned him not to fall in love with Gazal. Eihchaaz manipulates him, turning him against Haider and Dua. Filled with rage, Ruhan declares that he won’t let her get away with it and vows to make Haider pay for his actions. Suspicion fills Dua’s mind as she surveys the dimly lit place, questioning whether Gazal is playing a dangerous game. Suddenly, Ruhan sneaks up from behind and begins choking her, causing her to struggle for breath. Meanwhile, Gazal, wearing a sinister smile, believes that Dua is on the brink of death, anticipating her upcoming quality time with Haider. Approaching Haider, Gazal is mistaken for Dua, and Haider expresses his feelings for her. Gazal reciprocates, and they spend some intimate moments together. Meanwhile, Dua weakens her grip and loses consciousness.

[Episode End]

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