Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Pratiksha answering a phone call intended for Adi, which was from Ravi. Ravi expresses his sympathy towards Pratiksha, who responds in a manner that startles him, causing him to abruptly end the call. Manvi scolds Kavya for her inability to capture Ravi’s attention. Meanwhile, Pratiksha, after hearing Ravi’s words, finds herself lost in thoughts about him, wearing a smile on her face. Parul and Kinjal approach her, and Pratiksha divulges the details of the conversation. She reveals that Ravi will now take charge of whatever needs to be done, and she will no longer interfere. Pratiksha asserts that Kavya has no genuine feelings for Ravi; instead, she coerced him into marrying her. Kinjal urges Pratiksha to intervene and disrupt Ravi’s wedding night, assuring her that the remaining matters will be handled later.

Upon returning to his room, Ravi discovers Kavya adorning their space for their first night together. Kavya then contacts Pratiksha to incite jealousy, although Ravi is not comfortable with this. Kavya unwittingly embarrasses herself since Pratiksha had just heard Ravi express his true feelings for her moments ago. Kavya forcefully embraces Ravi and urges Pratiksha to witness their apparent enjoyment. However, Ravi is not genuinely enjoying the situation. Kavya remarks that she must switch off the camera now since she cannot display what will transpire next between them.

When Kavya engaged in a conversation with Ravi regarding their upcoming honeymoon, he made a request for her not to discuss it in his presence. This led Kavya to question whether Ravi had started to favor Pratiksha more than her. In response, Ravi put on an act, complimenting Kavya’s appearance, which caused her to blush. Subsequently, Kavya excused herself to the changing room to don her red dress.

Observing Ravi and Kavya’s interaction, Pratiksha couldn’t help but feel insecure and jealous. She pondered over her next course of action to put a halt to their honeymoon plans. Meanwhile, Ravi found himself plagued by anxiety following his recent confession to Pratiksha. In an attempt to alleviate his unease, he reached out to Adi, confiding in him about his current state. When Adi inquired whether Ravi had fallen in love with Pratiksha, Ravi expressed uncertainty but acknowledged that he no longer harbored any hatred towards her. He confessed to developing some feelings for Pratiksha, although he couldn’t quite comprehend why.

Just as Kavya emerged from the changing room, Ravi decided to end the call with Adi.

After the intermission, Kavya emerged from the changing room donning her vibrant red dress, her gaze fixed provocatively on Ravi. Ravi’s unease grew as he pondered how to halt Kavya’s advances. Then, an idea struck him—he would feign illness. As Kavya approached him, she inquired about her attire. Ravi replied that it looked nice, yet the previous outfit suited her better. Kavya remarked that he appeared rather bashful. With each step Kavya took towards him, Ravi’s discomfort intensified, causing him to stumble over his words. He swiftly claimed he needed to use the restroom and excused himself, desperate to escape Kavya’s company. Ravi had grown weary of the competition between Kavya and Pratiksha, both vying for the opportunity to spend the wedding night with him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mandip takes a bold and dramatic step.

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