Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Mandip’s husband informing her about his car’s failure to start. He promptly contacted the mechanic, who stated that he would arrive late. Consequently, they decided to take a taxi. Beeji, then, disclosed to the inspector that Ravi had been wedded to Pratiksha ever since she personally performed their griha pravesh (housewarming ceremony). Upon Pratiksha’s request, the inspector released Ravi. Pratiksha had brought an NGO worker along with her, who accompanied them to the police station, where Mandip and others had also arrived. Curious, Ravi questioned Pratiksha about the presence of the NGO workers. This sparked an argument between Kavya and Pratiksha, with Kavya claiming to be Ravi’s wife. The NGO worker assured Kavya that she stood with Pratiksha and would ensure her safety. Pratiksha explained to Manvi that according to Hindu customs, only one marriage remains valid at a time. Since Ravi had not divorced Kavya, their marriage was considered illegal. As the inspector commanded the constable to arrest Kavya for marrying Ravi without divorcing Pratiksha, Kavya denied being married to Ravi. Mandip intervened and informed the inspector that Pratiksha was her daughter-in-law. To validate her claims, Pratiksha presented the inspector with a copy of the FIR she had filed when Ravi married her. The inspector proposed a resolution: if Ravi applied sindoor (vermilion) to Pratiksha’s hairline (mang), he would release them all. Mandip brought sindoor and urged Ravi to apply it to Pratiksha’s mang. Subsequently, they sought Mandip’s blessings, triumphing in her challenge.

Manvi stepped aside from the inspector’s office, allowing Kavya to catch up with her. Concerned, Kavya questioned why they weren’t taking her home. Manvi replied, stating that they needed to hire a lawyer if they wanted any chance of resolving the situation. This response infuriated Kavya, deepening her anger towards her mother.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ravi stood before everyone and admitted his mistake. He assured them that the responsibility for his actions would be taken up by an NGO worker. The inspector, convinced of Ravi’s change of heart, released him from custody but ordered the constable to place Kavya in the lockup.

Furious and seeking retribution, Kavya directed her anger towards Pratiksha, blaming her for the entire ordeal. She threatened Pratiksha, warning her that she had chosen the wrong person to mess with and that there would be consequences to bear. Kavya vowed to seek revenge upon her return, confidently asserting that their paths would cross again. She declared that the one who succeeded in winning Ravi’s affections would emerge victorious.

Pratiksha, undeterred, calmly responded that she would be the one to claim victory as Ravi’s heart already belonged to her. Wishing Kavya luck, Pratiksha urged her to prepare herself for a night in the lockup. Overwhelmed by the intense emotions, Pratiksha found solace in a secluded spot where she allowed herself to cry.

Dadi, sensing Pratiksha’s distress, approached her to offer consolation. Pratiksha expressed her guilt over involving her family in the police station ordeal. Dadi reassured her, affirming that Pratiksha had acted rightly in the circumstances.

Parul expressed her happiness at seeing Dadi support Pratiksha. Dadi, however, admitted that she was unsure about which side to take but affirmed her unwavering commitment to the truth. She informed Pratiksha that there might come a time when she would support the Ramdhawas, purely out of her deep love for her family. Furthermore, Dadi advised Pratiksha to seek answers to her questions independently. Just then, Mandip arrived and took away the car keys from Pratiksha, explaining that the car wouldn’t start. Mandip suggested that as their daughter-in-law, Pratiksha could lend the car to her in-laws. Pratiksha readily agreed, stating that it was not a problem at all. Dadi then asked Parul to accompany her as she had some tasks to attend to.

[Episode End]

Precap : There would be a slight shift in dynamics between Ravi and Pratiksha.

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