Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Mandip informing Manvi that Deep is finding faults in Kavya. Manvi defends Kavya, stating that she is not to blame. Mandip agrees but points out that Deep believes Kavya used the wrong method to obtain Pratiksha’s signature. Mandip suggests removing Pratiksha from the house before Deep and Ravi side with her. Manvi reassures Mandip that Pratiksha will leave the house before they show support for her. Curious, Mandip asks when this will happen, and Manvi reveals that Kavya has already gone to pack Pratiksha’s belongings.

In Pratiksha’s room, Kavya confronts her and questions whether they were gossiping about her. Kavya proceeds to pack a bag and instructs Pratiksha to leave the house with her belongings. Pratiksha refuses to comply. Kavya insists that she wants Pratiksha to leave with dignity, but since she refuses, court orders will be used to oust her in two days. Kavya exits the room, leaving Pratiksha behind. Pratiksha confides in Dadi, revealing her readiness to execute their plan. Dadi suggests waiting until Ravi leaves for the office before implementing their strategy.

Later, Pratiksha and Kinjal sit down for dinner. Concerned, Kinjal asks Pratiksha if she feels lonely since it seems like everyone in that place is against her. Pratiksha reassures her, saying that she has the support of both her parents and herself. Suddenly, Pratiksha gets hiccups, prompting Kinjal to offer her some water. In that moment, Pratiksha contemplates whether Ravi would support her if she were to ask for his help.

Coincidentally, Ravi arrives and asks Pratiksha if she’s okay. However, Pratiksha bluntly expresses that she doesn’t want his care or presence in her life anymore. Hurt by her words, Ravi promises to grant her wish and declares that he will stay away from her. As they part ways in opposite directions, Kinjal silently observes the entire interaction.

Meanwhile, Ravi ponders why Pratiksha lashed out at him when all he wanted was to understand why she was hurting. Kinjal confronts Pratiksha about why she hurt Ravi. Pratiksha struggles to find the words to explain that Ravi is the source of her pain, as she fights for her rights and her place in their relationship, and it should be his choice to support her without her having to ask for it. She also mentions that it was difficult for her to witness Ravi marrying Kavya in front of her.

Kinjal then questions why Pratiksha is staying at Ravi’s place. Pratiksha reveals that she is staying there to make those who stole her happiness suffer, especially Kavya, who wants to kick her out of the house. Pratiksha vows to counter Kavya’s efforts and remove her from the equation.

The next day, everyone gathers for breakfast. Dadi notices Ravi’s gloomy appearance and asks him about it. Ravi explains that his meeting was canceled. Dadi, hoping to maintain her raid plan, insists that Ravi goes to the office. Ravi, wanting to delay his departure, suggests that he will go at the usual office time. Kavya questions Dadi’s insistence on Ravi going to the office, and Dadi claims to have a headache to avoid further inquiry.

While Ravi goes to fetch some pain balm for Dadi, she asks Amardeep why he seems worried. Amardeep reveals that he’s concerned about Pratiksha’s absence during dinner since they used to eat together. Kavya interjects, saying that Pratiksha went to the temple. Manvi chimes in, commenting that Pratiksha’s presence in the house is only temporary.

In the meantime, Ravi enters Pratiksha’s room to retrieve the balm but realizes she isn’t there. He contemplates calling her but ultimately decides against it.

[Episode End]

Precap : Pratiksha and Kinjal pay a visit to Ravi’s residence, posing as IT officers. Manvi discreetly informs Mandip that the individuals claiming to be IT officers in their house are impostors.

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