Parineetii 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Parineet assuring Rakesh’s mom that Neeti will stay with her and there’s no need to worry. She politely requests her to leave, while Rakesh attempts to escort his mom out. Meanwhile, Parineet wonders about Neeti’s whereabouts. Rakesh’s mom insists on not leaving Parineet alone, but Alavat agrees to proceed with their wedding due to her pregnancy, prioritizing his party above all else. After offering some advice, Rakesh’s mom departs. Rakesh confides in Jai, expressing that while having a baby is important to his mom, he personally doesn’t want the child. He suggests fabricating a scenario where Parineet falls and loses the baby. Rakesh then asks Jai to kidnap his mom.

Later, Sanju notices a pregnant woman and momentarily envisions her as Parineet. He gently caresses her face and touches her belly, overwhelmed with emotion. Sanju asks her where she is going, and she replies that she is marrying Rakesh and moving away from him. Desperately, he pleads for her not to leave. Suddenly, Sanju snaps back to reality. He approaches the receptionist and requests Mahesh’s laptop password, as he urgently needs a report from it. Mahesh arrives and assures him that he will provide the report promptly.

Meanwhile, Parminder and Chandrika step into an elevator. By mistake, Chandrika presses the button for the ground floor. The elevator operator locks the lift, causing Parminder and Chandrika to descend to the ground floor. They are shocked to discover patients present there, raising Chandrika’s suspicions. The lift operator notices them and questions their destination. Parminder explains that they mistakenly reached the basement and the operator sends them back to the third floor.

Later, Neeti longs to contact Sanju, anticipating that he will inquire about who locked her inside and intervene, putting a halt to the wedding. She believes that this would ensure Parineet stays with them forever. Neeti notices a window nearby and contemplates jumping out. Suddenly, her conscience appears, reminding her of their friendship and the fear she felt when contemplating jumping from a terrace. It highlights Parineet’s actions and accuses her of toying with her life. Neeti firmly declares that she won’t let anything happen to Parineet.

Rakesh expresses concern about Parineet’s well-being and inquires about her health. In response, Parineet asks about his mother. Rakesh advises her to go home and commends her for her love and care. Meanwhile, Rakesh’s mother scolds Jai, catching Rakesh’s attention. Parineet questions Rakesh about the situation and mentions that she learned from Alavat that he was in a meeting, but Jai deceived her by calling her to return home urgently. At that moment, a nurse arrives and engages in a conversation with Parineet, examining her abdomen. The nurse asks if Parineet loves her baby and if she experiences any pain. Parineet nods, confirming her feelings. The nurse assures her that she will administer an injection to alleviate her pain. Parineet objects, stating that the doctor informed her that she was fine. However, the nurse insists that the doctor instructed her to administer the injection.

Deceiving Parineet, the nurse falsely assures her that the injection will relieve her pain. Parineet pleads with the nurse not to proceed, but she proceeds with administering the injection. Parineet expresses her desire to go home. Unaware of the actual contents of the injection, she questions what she was given. Neeti takes a deep breath and jumps off the terrace, experiencing intense pain. She struggles to remain upright, aware that time is running out. The receptionist asks the ward boy to bring a wheelchair, and Neeti requests a painkiller. Parineet collapses, losing consciousness. The nurse realizes that she administered anesthesia and predicts that when Parineet regains consciousness, her unborn baby will no longer be alive.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju will quickly notice that Neeti has fainted, prompting him to swiftly take action to rescue her. Simultaneously, Parminder approaches the nurse and inquires about Parineet’s whereabouts. Deceptively, the nurse denies any knowledge of Parineet’s identity. Meanwhile, Parineet becomes aware of a patient in the basement. In the nurse’s perspective, it seems as though there will be no interference with the abortion procedure.

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