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Pandya Store 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the arrival of Dhara, who is instructed by the auto driver to disembark in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, Krish calls her and inquires whether he should return home before receiving the test results. However, Dhara firmly advises Krish to remain there until the results are announced. On the other hand, Suman grows impatient and decides to leave for the day, much to the shock of Arushi. This intensifies Arushi’s anger towards her mother.

In the midst of this, an unexpected collision occurs between Dhara and Arushi’s mother on the road. They lock eyes and extend a helping hand to one another. Arushi’s mother gazes at her daughter after being apart for years.

Dhara is left speechless upon seeing her long-lost mother. They share a mutual gaze, but Arushi’s mother attempts to flee the scene. Dhara pleads with her not to run away this time. Overwhelmed with emotion, Dhara approaches her mother, who yearns for an embrace. However, Dhara refuses to embrace her own mother due to the deep-seated resentment she harbors. She blames her mother for abandoning them without a trace, never to return.

With folded hands, Arushi’s mother offers her apologies to Dhara, but Dhara remains unforgiving. She firmly believes that forgiving her mother would never make things right, as it could never restore her lost childhood. Painfully, she recounts the anguish she endured during those past days. Despite Arushi’s mother’s plea to stop, Dhara persists in expressing her resentment.

Even after so many years, Dhara refuses to let go of her anger towards her mother. Arushi’s mother shares that she never intended to maintain a marital relationship with Dhara’s father. This revelation only fuels Dhara’s rage, as she accuses her mother of being indirectly responsible for her father’s demise. Overwhelmed, Arushi’s mother breaks down in tears. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, Arushi enters the scene, addressing the woman as “mom.” Dhara realizes that Arushi is her step-sister, and with a mocking laugh, she mocks the smile on Arushi’s face.

Once again, Arushi’s mother apologizes to Dhara, expressing how she has been betrayed by her own son. Dhara, however, urges Arushi’s mother to stop chasing after Shiva. She firmly declares that she will not tolerate such people anymore and promptly leaves the premises. Arushi, filled with anger, witnesses Dhara’s departure. Arushi’s mother then instructs Arushi to leave the town, but Arushi harbors a vengeful desire to marry Shiva.

Meanwhile, Shweta heads back to the kitchen in search of some food, while Prerna indulges in her own dance in her room. Shivang returns to the Pandya Store once again, rushing towards Prerna’s room. Simultaneously, Shweta tunes in to some music through her headphones. Shivang approaches Prerna, pretending to be her husband, attempting to establish a closer connection with her. Sealing the door, Shivang encroaches upon Prerna, seeking to initiate a new relationship. Feeling suffocated in his grasp, Prerna forcefully pushes him away, letting out a piercing scream. Dhara answers Prerna’s distress call, hearing the shrillness in her voice. Meanwhile, Shiva manages to break free from the children’s grasp, with the kids hot on his trail.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara has gained a clear understanding of Shivang’s true nature when he attempted to harm Prerna. With unwavering determination, she is resolute in her decision to expel Shivang from this household.

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