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Pandya Store 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

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The Episode Starts with a neighboring lady approaching Suman, cautioning her not to misunderstand her words. She begins to defame Dhara, calling her a thief and speaking ill of her. Suman, angered by the lady’s remarks, tells her to be quiet. In response, the lady accuses both Dhara and her mother of being partners in crime, further humiliating Dhara. Overwhelmed by the situation, Dhara swiftly departs from the scene, with Malti following closely behind.

Observing the unfolding events, Arushi comments that this is a display of true love. Suman, dismissing Arushi’s remark as mere theatrics, decides to leave the place with her mother. Meanwhile, Siva, driving his car, is deeply absorbed in the incident that occurred. Unfortunately, his car meets with an accident. Dev, seeking a ride, hitches a lift and departs. Suman insists that they leave the location immediately. Prerna contacts Krish and informs him about the entire situation.

Dhara runs along the road, reminiscing about the humiliations she endured. Arushi, overwhelmed with guilt, falls at Suman’s feet, urging her to stay away from her. Arushi claims that it was Dhara’s fault for giving her false hope, asserting her desire to marry Siva. Suman, disbelieving Arushi’s words, accuses her of lying. Arushi counters by stating that she doesn’t trust Suman and presents her with 1 lakh rupees, claiming that Dhara gave it to her for wedding shopping. Suman is shocked to discover a note from Dhara, recalling how Arushi cunningly stole it from her.

Meanwhile, Dev notices Siva’s car involved in an accident and inquires about it from bystanders. A vendor informs him that Siva was driving recklessly before walking away from the scene. Siva, lost in his thoughts, walks along the road, remembering how his family supported Raavi while condemning him for expressing his love for Arushi. Dhara notices a truck approaching Siva but he disregards her warnings. Just in the nick of time, Dhara saves him from the imminent danger.

Suman asserts to Arushi that her wish to marry Siva will not be fulfilled. Arushi retorts, insisting that she has fallen in love with Siva and cannot forget him. She recounts how Dhara instilled hope in her and how she made numerous attempts to convince him, all of which he ignored. Frustrated, she admits to creating the drama in order to vent her anger. Suman firmly declares that she will not allow Arushi to marry Siva. However, Arushi trusts her sister’s words more than anyone else’s and is determined to bring her and Siva together.

Arushi departs from the location, prompting Suman to confide in Prerna about the ongoing problems faced by her family. Suman had hoped that the chapter involving Sweta would come to an end, but to her dismay, a new problem emerges. Concerned, Dhara questions Siva about his well-being and the potential consequences if the truck had hit him. Siva responds, expressing that everything is going wrong, blaming Raavi for it. Dhara’s worry intensifies as she asks Siva what would have happened if he had been hit by the truck. He admits that he would have died, causing Dhara to impulsively slap him out of anger. Siva, in turn, reminds her that she is Dev’s wife and that everything is amiss. He suggests marrying Arushi as a solution to the chaos. Dhara urges him to calm down, but Siva insists that Raavi is Dev’s wife and his own brother. To ensure his demand is met, Siva goes as far as threatening to take his own life. Dhara reluctantly promises to arrange his wedding with Arushi. Witnessing this exchange, Malti and the others gaze in astonishment. Siva embraces Dhara and escorts her away from the scene. Raavi, overhearing their conversation, acknowledges that Arushi was right and had given her hope. Malti, however, perceives Raavi’s actions as self-destructive, while Raavi herself resolves not to let Dhara off the hook this time.

Meanwhile, Sweta offers chocolates to the children, but Chiku refuses and scurries away. Arushi joyfully returns home, commending herself for destabilizing Dhara’s family. Malti suddenly appears and drenches Arushi with water, demanding an explanation for her actions. Arushi retorts that she had kidnapped Malti to retaliate against Dhara’s favoritism. Indifferent to her own happiness, Arushi declares her intention to remain and marry Siva. Dhara brings Siva back home and administers his medication, urging him to take it. Amidst the commotion, Malti and Arushi engage in a heated altercation, resulting in Malti pushing Arushi to the ground. Suman sides with Dhara, stating that they are right and that she always stands by her. Dhara, feeling shattered, confesses her brokenness to Suman, who reassures her that everything will eventually be alright. Raavi arrives at the scene and accuses Dhara of being a liar, subsequently exposing the truth.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arushi’s anticipation grew as she looked forward to meeting Siva. However, her excitement quickly turned into shock when she saw him standing beside Dhara. To her surprise, Dhara approached Arushi and offered her a sweet gesture. Dhara then reassured Arushi that she had no objections to their impending wedding.

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