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Kumkum Bhagya 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Alia making a phone call to her henchmen. One of the goons answers the call, and Alia immediately scolds him for not picking up earlier. The goons explain to Alia that they were trapped in the washroom and couldn’t answer the call. Alia expresses her frustration with their incompetence and instructs them to escape from the bathroom and proceed with their plan to kidnap Ranbir. She suspects that Ranbir might already be seated at the mandap as the groom. The goon agrees and decides to call his girlfriend for help in escaping from the bathroom.

Meanwhile, the pandit asks the groom, Ranbir, to reveal his gotra (ancestral lineage). Ranbir remains silent, which catches the attention of Visakha, who comments on Akshay’s lack of knowledge about his own gotra. Visakha confidently reveals their gotra to the pandit.

In another part of the venue, Akshay and his gang prepare to execute their plan. Divya goes to remove the fuse, causing a power outage. Prachi, curious to see the groom’s face, urges Akshay to reveal himself, but Ranbir remains silent. Determined, Prachi decides to remove the groom’s sehra (veil) to uncover his face. Divya successfully removes the fuse, but the lights fail to come back on.

Amidst the chaos, Dadi instructs Shahana to call the event manager. At that moment, Abhay arrives and swiftly kidnaps Ranbir, whisking him away. Akshay takes advantage of the situation and replaces Ranbir as the groom, sitting beside Prachi. Divya manages to restore the fuse after a ten-second delay, but the lights still don’t come back on.

Sensing something amiss, Prachi pulls Akshay aside and expresses her doubts about his identity. She refuses to proceed with the marriage until he reveals his face. Akshay complies, showing his face to Prachi and assuring her that everything is fine. Prachi admits that she mistook Akshay for someone else.

Shahana interrupts their conversation, calling Akshay and Prachi to the mandap. They both take their seats, and Abhay confirms that it is indeed Akshay beneath the sehra, allowing him to proceed with the wedding. The pandit decides to perform the pooja using mobile phone lights, as an auspicious time is approaching.

With the assistance of a lady Goon, the Goon successfully escapes from the washroom. Determined to execute their plan, the Goons devise a strategy to kidnap the Groom. One of them cleverly swaps Pooja’s ingredients, causing a dense cloud of smoke when the Pandit throws them into the Havan. Seizing the opportunity, the Goons seize Akshay and swiftly whisk him away. Despite Akshay’s struggles to break free, the Goons overpower him by using chloroform, rendering him unconscious. Placing him inside a gunny bag, they load Akshay into a van and make a swift escape from the wedding venue.

Meanwhile, Divya manages to fix the wiring, illuminating the surroundings as the lights turn on. Aryan quickly comprehends that the Goons associated with Alia must have abducted Ranbir, as they were aware of his presence in the Mandap as the Groom. Determined to rescue Ranbir, Aryan sets off in pursuit of them. From the confines of the washroom, Ranbir desperately calls for help, but unfortunately, nobody comes to his aid.

Amid the confusion, the Pandit inquires about the whereabouts of the Groom. Ashok attempts to reach Akshay by calling his phone, but Prachi reveals that it is still present there. Concerned, Abhay and Divya initiate a search for Akshay.

Alia contacts one of her Goons, who promptly answers the call. Inquiring if they managed to escape, the Goon proudly confirms that they have successfully kidnapped the Groom and made a clean getaway from the wedding venue. Alia expresses her admiration for their accomplishment and proceeds to send them an address, instructing them to deliver Ranbir to that location. Upon reviewing the address, the Goon commends Alia for her choice.

Meanwhile, Ranbir suspects that Akshay has employed a Goon to ensure his safety. Determined to put a halt to this marriage, Ranbir resolves to find a way to intervene, regardless of the circumstances.

[Episode End]

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