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Kumkum Bhagya 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Prachi’s concern that if Ranbir were to arrive, he would cause trouble. Upon opening the door, Prachi is surprised to find Akshay instead. Akshay apologizes to Prachi and explains the situation. He confesses to Prachi that he lied to Visakha about her loud snoring.

Meanwhile, Ranbir is fast asleep in his bed. The next day, Visakha arrives at Akshay’s room and knocks on the door. Akshay, noticing Visakha’s presence, hastily hides the blanket in the closet. He then asks Prachi to answer the door while pretending to be asleep on the bed. Prachi welcomes Visakha inside, and she wakes up Akshay, offering him bed coffee. Visakha spots the blanket in the closet, triggering her memory of the previous incident. She suggests to Prachi that she should engage in yoga or exercise to combat her snoring. Akshay agrees and promises to make Prachi participate in yoga and exercise sessions. Visakha asks Akshay to go and get ready, while she takes Prachi away, informing her about the day’s first kitchen ritual.

During their search, Visakha and Prachi stumble upon a shawl. Visakha speculates that it may belong to the guy who stayed in the guest room, as Netra had brought someone over the previous night. Curiosity piqued, Visakha and Prachi enter the guest room, only to be greeted by the smell of alcohol. Visakha scolds Ranbir for getting drunk, and she instructs Prachi to open the windows to dissipate the alcoholic odor. Oblivious to the fact that it is Ranbir sleeping on the bed, Prachi opens the windows. Ranbir turns his face away and resumes his sleep, unbeknownst to Prachi. In the meantime, Manpreet informs Visakha that everyone is waiting at the dining table. Visakha asks Manpreet to escort Prachi away, assuring her that she will join them shortly. Manpreet leads Prachi away from the guest room.

Abhay playfully approaches Akshay, teasing him. After a while, Abhay inquires if Akshay has discovered the identity of the person hiding behind the Sehra. Akshay admits that he doesn’t know. Later, Akshay reveals to Abhay how he was kidnapped once again but was miraculously rescued by a stranger who brought him to the wedding venue. Suspicion arises in Abhay as he suggests that the person behind the Sehra might be Prachi’s ex-husband. Akshay recollects the events and jests that Prachi’s ex-husband must be truly unfortunate to have married her. Akshay then informs Abhay that he needs to prepare for Prachi’s first kitchen ritual.

Ranbir reminisces about the recent events. Netra greets him with a good morning, and he expresses gratitude to her for bringing him to this place. As Ranbir attempts to take his leave, Netra stops him, insisting that he can only leave after having breakfast. Ranbir tries again, but Netra persuades him, mentioning that it’s his sister-in-law’s first kitchen ritual and he should taste the food before leaving. Eventually, Ranbir agrees after some convincing from Netra and heads off to freshen up.

Manpreet inquires about Prachi’s plans for her first kitchen ritual. Prachi seeks Manpreet’s advice on what kind of sweet dish everyone in the house prefers. Manpreet suggests that everyone enjoys Kheer. In the midst of their conversation, Prachi hears Ranbir’s voice, urging her not to include almonds in the Kheer as he dislikes them. Prachi, in her thoughts, requests Ranbir not to disturb her since she is not in her own house.

[Episode End]

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