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Kumkum Bhagya 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Prachi discreetly leaving the letter behind as she departs. Ranbir pleads with Prachi to return, but she remains steadfast in ignoring his pleas. Prachi arrives at her home, where Shahana and Dadi anxiously inquire about what transpired and if she encountered Khushi. Prachi responds negatively, mentioning that she met Ranbir before swiftly exiting. Dadi makes an attempt to follow Prachi, but Shahana advises her to give Prachi some space. Shahana asserts that Prachi needs solitude at this moment. Dadi concurs, expressing concerns that if they don’t leave Prachi alone, she might start doubting her decision to marry Akshay, even though it is the right choice.

Prachi finds herself pondering over recent events, questioning the correctness of her decision to marry Akshay. She reflects on Ranbir’s words and realizes that this matter no longer revolves around what is right or wrong for herself, but rather about the well-being of her daughter, Khushi. Determined, Prachi internally vows to do whatever it takes to secure Khushi’s future. Dadi and Shahana implore Prachi to open the door, eager to engage in a conversation with her. Prachi finally opens the door, declaring that there is nothing to discuss and insisting that they must focus on preparing for the wedding, which is scheduled for the next day. With that, Prachi departs from the scene.

Ranbir arrives home to find Akshay waiting for him, ready to share some good news. Akshay informs Ranbir that he and Prachi are planning to get married the next day. The reason behind their sudden wedding is that Prachi wants to secure custody of Khushi, and her ex-husband is also vying for the same. Akshay extends an invitation to Ranbir, inviting him to their wedding.

However, Rhea interjects and informs Akshay that Ranbir won’t be able to attend their wedding because he and Rhea are also planning to get married the next day. This revelation surprises Akshay, but he quickly suggests the idea of throwing a grand party together after both of their weddings. With that, Akshay takes his leave.

Vikram and Daljeet share their opinions on Prachi marrying Akshay, while Ranbir asks Vikram to start preparing for their own wedding the following day.

Meanwhile, Dadi is seen busy preparing for Prachi’s wedding, while Daljeet is making arrangements for Ranbir’s wedding. Shahana approaches Meera and hands her the wedding card for Akshay and Prachi’s wedding, mentioning that they are getting married today. Khushi meets Shahana and confides in her, expressing her desire to bring Ranbir and Prachi back together. Shahana, feeling guilty knowing that Prachi is marrying Akshay, leaves the scene.

Alia stealthily enters Rhea’s room, prompting Rhea to inquire about her sudden appearance. Alia confesses that she came here because it is her heartfelt desire to witness Rhea and Ranbir’s union. Concerned about Ranbir catching sight of Alia, Rhea expresses her worries. Alia reassures Rhea, stating that Ranbir has no other choice but to marry her, as he seeks to obtain custody of Khushi. Daljeet approaches Ranbir and requests him to give Rhea the jewelry. Agreeing, Ranbir proceeds to Rhea’s room.

Upon entering Rhea’s room, Ranbir mentions that he thought he heard Alia’s voice there. Bewildered, Rhea questions how Alia could be present. Alia quietly sneaks out of Rhea’s room. Coming up with an excuse, Rhea sends Ranbir away.

Ashok presents the Shagun Ka Thaal to Dadi. Recalling Khushi’s words, Shahana discards the gifts. Perplexed, Prachi asks Shahana what she is doing. Shahana asserts that Prachi is making a mistake by marrying Akshay. Reminding Shahana of her intention to marry for Khushi’s custody, Prachi suggests that Shahana should consider remarrying Ranbir if she believes marriage is the solution. Prachi recounts the times Ranbir betrayed her trust, never revealing the truth about Khushi being their daughter, even when he knew. Although Prachi initially planned to disclose this information to him, she changed her mind upon witnessing Ranbir and Rhea together.

A child approaches Dadi and Ashok, informing them that the Baraat (wedding procession) is arriving. Ashok heads inside to welcome the groom, while Dadi prepares to bring Prachi.

Shahana advises Prachi to focus on Ranbir’s actions rather than his words, citing his past actions of saving her when she was in danger. Shahana further speculates that Ranbir might be considering the same thoughts, as Akshay proposed to her and Ranbir possibly assumed she was moving on. Shahana implores Prachi not to proceed with the marriage.

[Episode End]

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