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Kumkum Bhagya 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds with the doctor entering the room to check on Prachi. Ranbir proceeds to inform the doctor about the incident involving Prachi. Curious about Prachi’s well-being, the doctor inquires about her condition. Prachi responds affirmatively, stating that she is fine. Concerned, Dadi requests the doctor to thoroughly examine Prachi. After conducting a thorough examination, the doctor prescribes medication for Prachi’s recovery. Advising her to get a good night’s sleep, the doctor emphasizes the importance of rest.

As a loud clap of thunder resounds, Ranbir quickly closes the windows to ensure Prachi isn’t frightened and shares the information with everyone present. Shahana arrives, informing Ranbir that the police have apprehended Balbir. Realizing he must escort the doctor and their family home, Ranbir assures them he will return to take care of Prachi. However, Prachi asserts that she can manage on her own. Unwilling to leave her side, Ranbir decides to stay overnight and attend to her needs. Before departing, Ranbir requests Prachi to prioritize her well-being the following day, a sentiment supported by Pallavi’s agreement.

While playing with a paperweight, Rhea accidentally dropped it on her toes. In pain and confusion, she questioned God about what she had done wrong, as it seemed like her desires were always kept out of reach. Rhea pondered over her actions to win over Ranbir, but despite her efforts, she couldn’t capture his heart. Determined, Rhea made a solemn vow to herself that she would find a way to compel the Kohli family to arrange her marriage with Ranbir.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, interrupting her thoughts. Rhea hastily wiped away her tears and opened the door, feigning ignorance. She asked about Ranbir’s whereabouts and inquired about her cake. Pallavi and Daljeet proceeded to inform Rhea about Balbir’s intrusion at the party, how he had put Prachi in a water tank, and how Ranbir had come to her rescue. They revealed that Ranbir had stayed with Prachi overnight to take care of her. Appreciative of their actions, Rhea expressed her agreement, acknowledging that it was the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, Ranbir handed Prachi some medicine and urged her to take it. Curious, Prachi questioned why he was looking after her. Ranbir simply replied that he was a good person. Prachi insisted that she could take care of herself and asked him to leave. However, Ranbir refused, opening Prachi’s wardrobe to find a blanket. Intrigued, Prachi inquired how he knew the blanket would be there. With a warm smile, Ranbir responded that he knew her well. He gently covered Prachi with the blanket and settled himself on the sofa to sleep. Feeling a sense of safety and comfort, Prachi contemplated the inexplicable emotions stirring within her. As Ranbir encouraged Prachi to rest, Shahana observed the scene and concluded that Ranbir’s love for Prachi was still alive. With that thought, Shahana silently departed from the room.

Alia arrives to meet Rhea, who expresses her longing for someone who truly understands her, as she feels unloved by everyone. Rhea openly declares that everyone around her is deceitful. Curious, Alia inquires about the reason behind Rhea’s statement. Rhea reveals that Ranbir spent the night at Prachi’s house, implying that they are trying to reconcile by allowing such an arrangement. Alia remains silent, absorbing this revelation. Rhea urges Alia to share her thoughts, but Alia dismisses the idea, convinced that Rhea never pays attention to her opinions. However, Alia assures Rhea that if she refrains from interfering, Ranbir and Prachi will inevitably reunite. Rhea reminds Alia that she called her for comfort, not to add to her stress. Alia offers a remark, emphasizing the need for Rhea to change her ways. Contemplating Alia’s words, Rhea admits she requires some time to reflect. Alia agrees and grants Rhea the space she needs. Secretly, Alia resolves to extend her stay, plotting to create turmoil that will devastate Prachi’s life.

[Episode End]

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