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Kumkum Bhagya 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Ranbir gazing into the flickering flames, consumed by his thoughts. Determined, he resolves that his sole purpose in life now is to inflict the same pain upon Prachi that she once caused him. With a heavy heart, Ranbir eventually departs from the scene.

Meanwhile, Akshay and Prachi arrive at the orphanage, only to find it eerily deserted. Grateful for Akshay’s unwavering support, even in the presence of Visakha, Prachi expresses her heartfelt thanks. Akshay reflects on Visakha’s actions and remarks on the depth of her love for him. Just as Prachi begins to detect the sound of approaching footsteps, she hopes it may be prospective adoptive parents for little Khushi. To assuage her worries, Akshay reassures Prachi, mentioning that Ashok has resolved everything.

Later, Meera approached Prachi and Akshay, expressing her deep disappointment with what transpired during the birthday party. She revealed that after conducting thorough research, they had decided that Akshay would assume the primary parenting role, while Prachi would take on the secondary role. Unexpectedly, the owner of the orphanage arrived and claimed responsibility for the research. Akshay expressed his gratitude to the owner for his assistance in adopting Khushi, but the owner humbly declined any acknowledgment. He then requested Meera to provide the necessary paperwork, prompting her to hand over the documents to Akshay. Curious about the details, Akshay inquired about the division of responsibilities. The orphanage owner explained that Akshay would assume 70 percent of the custody responsibility, while Prachi would take on the remaining 30 percent. Acknowledging the owner’s words, Akshay reassured him that he and Prachi would take excellent care of Khushi.

Meanwhile, Ranbir left the scene, and Rhea approached Pallavi seeking answers. Rhea reminded Pallavi of her promise to marry Ranbir. Pallavi apologized to Rhea, explaining that she couldn’t request Ranbir to marry under the current circumstances. Vikram also apologized to Rhea and suggested that she stay outside the house for a few days. Ranbir, determined to leave, began packing his bags. Pallavi intervened, questioning his departure. Ranbir expressed his feeling of suffocation in the house, and Daljeet attempted to dissuade him. In response, Ranbir warned Daljeet that if she wanted to see him alive, she should allow him to leave. Daljeet reluctantly granted him permission.

As Ranbir found himself stuck in traffic, Khushi expressed her desire for balloons. Akshay decided to buy some and asked for a yellow balloon. However, Khushi changed her mind and requested pink balloons instead. Responding to Khushi’s request, Akshay asked the vendor to give them all the pink balloons available. Ranbir observed Khushi enjoying quality time with Akshay and Prachi before eventually departing. Memories of Prachi’s words flooded Ranbir’s mind as he contemplated his next steps, determined to return and receive a warm welcome filled with respect and love.

The story then took a three-month leap forward. Prachi presented Pooja ki Thaal to Manpreet, who complimented her. Later, Prachi handed Visakha her glasses and gave a newspaper to Ashok. Engaging in conversation with Neha and Divya, Prachi informed them that they would start consuming healthy food from that day onwards. She challenged them, stating that if they didn’t enjoy the new diet, she would order junk food. Abhay praised Prachi for her confidence.

Following this, Manpreet handed the Aarti ki Thaal to Prachi and requested her to distribute Aarti to everyone. Prachi agreed and proceeded to call Khushi, presenting her with the Aarti. Khushi sat with Ashok at the dining table, where everyone easily predicted her food preference, simultaneously mentioning that she liked Sunday side up. Akshay volunteered to prepare the dish for Khushi, while Prachi guided her upstairs. Observing this interaction, Ashok asked Visakha about her thoughts. Visakha couldn’t help but feel envious upon witnessing Prachi’s exceptional ability to handle everything so well within just three months. Ashok concurred, praising Prachi’s accomplishments, which further fueled Visakha’s jealousy.

[Episode End]

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