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Kumkum Bhagya 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode Starts with Alia urging the inspector to apprehend Daljeet after he slapped her. Acting upon her request, the inspector instructs the lady constable to arrest Daljeet. Vikram engages in a heated argument with Alia and the inspector. In response, Alia warns Vikram that she will lodge a complaint against them if they interfere with the police proceedings. Rhea intervenes, urging Alia to cease her actions and withdraw her complaint if she wishes to reconcile and be a part of her life once again. Succumbing to Rhea’s ultimatum, Alia reluctantly agrees to retract her complaint from the police, subsequently sending them away.

Meanwhile, Ashok arrives in search of Ranbir. Alia’s henchmen clandestinely hide Ranbir in a room and alter his appearance. They inform Ashok that the person in the wheelchair had consumed alcohol. Misled by Alia’s goons, Ashok departs from the scene. Alia’s henchman contacts her and informs her about the successful abduction of Ranbir, seeking instructions on their next course of action. Alia berates the henchman for his negligence and instructs him to remove Ranbir from the wedding venue before he regains consciousness. The henchman complies with her orders.

Shahana is shown desperately searching for Ranbir after witnessing him enter the wedding. Ashok approaches Akshay, informing him that Ranbir is nowhere to be found. Akshay shares this information with Visakha.

As Alia’s goons attempt to escort Ranbir out through the main entrance, Shahana intercepts them, demanding to know if they are part of the decoration team. The goons, in a bid to escape Shahana’s suspicion, deceitfully affirm their involvement in the decorations. Shahana points out discrepancies in certain areas and insists that the goons rectify the mistakes. Reluctantly, Alia’s goons agree to comply with Shahana’s request.

The doctor examines Daljeet and advises her to avoid stress. After writing a prescription, the doctor departs. Alia apologizes to Daljeet and places the blame on Prachi for the entire situation. Despite this, Daljeet forgives Alia for her behavior. Alia informs Kohli’s family that she intends to stay and take care of Rhea.

Shahana instructs Alia’s goons on the correct way to set up the decorations. Meanwhile, Ranbir is shown gradually regaining consciousness. Observing this, Alia’s goons approach Ranbir. Shahana reminds the goons that there are other decorations to be taken care of. One of the goons stays with Ranbir while the others accompany Shahana, using a fabricated excuse. The remaining goon takes Ranbir away from the area.

Visakha questions Prachi about her lack of previous marriages. Akshay’s mother suggests that Prachi may have never desired to marry before. Visakha privately pulls Akshay’s mother aside and reminds her that she was only invited to this marriage because she gave birth to Akshay. Visakha also makes it clear that Akshay’s mother can never be considered part of the family. Visakha warns Akshay’s mother to remain silent and not speak up, to which she reluctantly agrees.

Rhea recalls the recent events and vents her frustration at the mandap. Alia questions the purpose of Rhea’s anger and comments on her behavior. Rhea points out that she had no choice as she fell in love with someone who doesn’t care about her. She considers it bad luck and assumes that Prachi must be blessed due to Pragya’s constant prayers. Alia offers encouragement to Rhea and assures her that she won’t allow Prachi to enter the house again, making a promise to Rhea.

[Episode End]

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