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Kumkum Bhagya 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Aryan presenting Ranbir with a challenging decision: to choose between Akshay and Prachi. After careful consideration, Ranbir opts for Prachi. Aryan persuades Ranbir to stop feeling remorseful for Akshay, urging him to move forward. Taking into account the weight of his choice, Ranbir requests some time to reflect.

In the meantime, Alia’s henchmen barge into Akshay’s room. Displaying his valor, Ranbir fiercely confronts and subdues Alia’s goons, successfully rescuing Aryan. Curious about how to handle the situation with Alia’s men, Aryan seeks Ranbir’s advice. In response, Ranbir points to the closet as a hiding spot. Together, they tie up and conceal Alia’s goons, securing them inside.

At that moment, Ashok enters Akshay’s room. Sensing Ashok’s presence, Ranbir instinctively hides in the washroom. Aryan cleverly distracts Ashok and guides him toward the washroom, maneuvering Sherwani into the space. Seizing the opportunity, Ranbir seizes the Sherwani and disguises himself as the groom within the confines of the washroom.

Presenting himself as the groom, Ranbir confronts Ashok. Meanwhile, Aryan fabricates a convincing excuse and persuades Ashok to depart. In the midst of their ruse, Ranbir and Aryan manage to conceal Akshay within the washroom. Overwhelmed by guilt upon seeing Akshay’s plight, Ranbir becomes increasingly anxious. Aryan hastens Ranbir and leads him away.

Ranbir finds himself deeply troubled by the prospect of facing repercussions for their actions. However, Aryan remains steadfast in his encouragement, assuring Ranbir that nothing adverse will occur and reminding him to focus solely on Prachi. Encouraged by Aryan’s words, Ranbir wholeheartedly agrees.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s rescue just as she is about to stumble, and Prachi mistakenly assumes it’s him. Dadi intervenes and escorts Prachi to the wedding altar. Ranbir feels a sense of relief, having narrowly escaped being caught. Later, Ashok approaches Akshay and asks him to present a pair of bangles as a gift to Visakha. Ranbir remains silent, prompting Ashok to question Akshay’s silence. Aryan quickly fabricates an excuse to divert Ashok’s attention and sends him away. Ashok hands the bangles to Aryan before leaving the scene.

Ranbir assumes his place at the wedding altar beside Prachi, the groom. He reflects on the fact that he is going to be Prachi’s husband and no one else’s. The priest requests the groom to offer a flower to the bride, and Ranbir presents the flower to Prachi. Prachi recognizes Ranbir’s touch, sensing his presence.

Akshay’s brother approaches Shahana, seeking directions to the washroom. Shahana volunteers to show him the way and leads Akshay’s brother there. Aryan follows Shahana discreetly. In their conversation, Akshay’s brother inquires if Shahana has ever fallen in love, to which she replies in the negative. Shahana guides Akshay’s brother to the washroom, unknowingly being observed by Alia’s goons, who, having regained consciousness, remain hidden in the closet. Aryan enters the washroom before Akshay’s brother, expressing gratitude to his luck as he believes that if he hadn’t followed Shahana, they would have discovered Akshay’s presence.

Prachi, sensing Ranbir’s touch, requests Akshay to reveal his face. Ranbir is about to lift his veil when Prachi’s scarf catches fire. Akshay’s mother warns Prachi about the fire, and Ranbir swiftly tries to extinguish it. In a panic, Prachi throws the burning scarf away. Ranbir valiantly attempts to put out the fire, but in the process, he falls to the ground. His veil slips off and falls to the floor. A stranger picks up Ranbir’s veil.

[Episode End]

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