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Kumkum Bhagya 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ranbir bringing the car to a halt. Spotting Prachi, he rushes towards her and envelops her in a tight embrace, planting a gentle kiss on her forehead. Overwhelmed, Ranbir believes Prachi has come for him and confides in her. Responding to his revelation, Prachi requests to be taken to his home. Willing to comply, Ranbir makes an attempt to whisk her away. However, reality quickly sets in, and he realizes that he was merely indulging in a dream. Disheartened, Ranbir concludes that Prachi will never come to him, knowing she is now married to someone else. In an attempt to drown his sorrows, he turns to alcohol.

Observing Ranbir standing beside the car, Prachi alights and rushes towards him. To her disappointment, she realizes her mistake as it turns out to be someone else. Akshay approaches Prachi, inquiring about her distress. She dismisses the incident, brushing it off, and returns to the car. On the road, Ashok notices Akshay and queries him about the situation. Akshay explains that their car had broken down, assuring them it has been fixed now. Ashok urges Akshay to return home promptly. Deep in thought, Akshay senses Prachi’s unease. Meanwhile, Prachi ponders over Ranbir’s absence, convinced he didn’t come for her.

Ruminating on his past memories with Prachi, Ranbir believes that she has deserted him. He settles on a bench beside the road, consumed by anguish, as he indulges in alcoholic beverages. Gazing at the moonless sky, he perceives it as a reflection of his separation from Prachi. Succumbing to his sorrows, Ranbir allows himself to be consumed by them.

Abhay was meticulously creating a flower carpet to welcome the new bride. Intrigued by his actions, Visakha approached him and inquired about his intentions. Manpreet couldn’t help but comment on Abhay’s endeavor, adding his own perspective. Just then, Ashok arrived and also voiced his thoughts on Abhay’s actions.

Meanwhile, Neha and Divya engaged in a conversation about Abhay’s flower carpet, linking it to his failed attempt at proposing to a girl. They discussed how he had been rejected but still found solace in expressing his creativity through the flower carpet. However, Visakha interjected, urging Abhay not to trivialize the significance of rituals.

Visakha emphasized the importance of the Gruh Pravesh ritual, explaining that the bride must immerse her feet in Kumkum and leave her footprints as she enters the house for it to be considered complete.

Shortly after, Akshay and Prachi arrived at Tandan’s mansion. Visakha requested them to stay as she prepared to conduct the Aarti. Manpreet attempted to take charge of the Aarti, but Visakha intervened and insisted on doing it herself. Taking the Aarti Ka Thaal from Manpreet, she proceeded to perform the Aarti for Akshay and Prachi. Later, Visakha took the opportunity to inform Prachi about the Gruh Pravesh ritual and its requirements.

Prachi’s mind wandered as she recalled her previous Gruh Pravesh ceremony with Ranbir. In their case, they had performed the Aarti on their own. Prachi turned to Ranbir, seeking clarification about the absence of the Kumkum ki Thaal for the ritual. Resourcefully, Ranbir used face powder as a substitute for Kumkum and carried out the Gruh Pravesh with Prachi. Playfully, he flirted with her, assuring Prachi that they would always be together.

Observing Prachi’s absent-mindedness, Visakha grew frustrated and raised her voice, urging Prachi to focus on the Gruh Pravesh ritual as instructed. Startled, Prachi refocused her attention.

Meanwhile, Shahana brought a glass of milk for Dadi, who declined the offering, expressing her melancholy over Prachi’s departure. In an attempt to console Dadi, Shahana offered words of comfort.

Akshay, noticing Visakha’s anger towards Prachi, inquired about the reason behind it. Visakha clarified that she wasn’t angry at Prachi but had raised her voice to ensure Prachi’s focus remained on the ritual. She requested Akshay to ascertain if Prachi had been absent-minded. Divya chimed in, suggesting that Prachi might be reminiscing about her childhood home. Acknowledging Divya’s point, Visakha stressed that although she understood Prachi’s emotions, it was crucial for her to concentrate on the ongoing ritual.

[Episode End]

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