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Kumkum Bhagya 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Ranbir arriving at Prachi’s wedding. Firmly, he tells Prachi that this wedding cannot take place and asserts that he will not permit it to happen.

Alia notices Daljeet’s gaze fixed upon her and questions why she is staring. Alia confidently states that she expected them to be surprised by her presence. Vikram urges Alia to leave the premises. Alia remarks that Vikram has exceptionally poor timing and suggests that his anger should be directed towards Ranbir. Daljeet confronts Alia, questioning her right to interfere in their family affairs. A heated argument ensues between Alia and Daljeet. Alia counters Daljeet’s remarks and attempts to console Rhea. However, upon seeing Daljeet and Vikram, Rhea feigns detachment from Alia. Alia makes a pointed comment about the thoughts of the Kohli family and reminds them that Prachi and her daughter are alive, emphasizing that she has committed no wrongdoing. Alia declares her intention to be present at the wedding since Rhea is marrying her beloved. Alia scolds Daljeet and Vikram for Ranbir’s behavior, reminding them that this is the second time he has abandoned Rhea at the altar. Alia proceeds to insult Ranbir openly in front of Daljeet. In a fit of anger, Daljeet slaps Alia, who promptly storms off. Daljeet offers Rhea an apology for Ranbir’s actions.

Alia contacts her henchmen and inquires if Ranbir has arrived at the wedding. Upon receiving confirmation, Alia instructs her goons to remove Ranbir from the venue, emphasizing that Prachi’s marriage must proceed. Dadi attempts to intervene and stop Ranbir, but Shahana prevents Dadi from doing so and pleads with her to allow Ranbir to halt the wedding.

Alia approached Rhea and was taken aback to see her standing alongside Daljeet and Vikram. Confused, Alia questioned Rhea’s stance against her. Rhea calmly stated that she was standing with her family, prompting Alia to make a cutting remark about Rhea’s choice. Growing frustrated, Rhea urged Alia to leave the scene, but Alia firmly refused, reminding Rhea that she couldn’t simply banish her from her life. Alia couldn’t help but question if Rhea had any emotions left after Ranbir had left her at the altar for the second time. Defending Rhea, Alia turned to the Kohli family and criticized their upbringing, highlighting how Ranbir consistently abandoned Rhea to be with Prachi whenever she entered the picture. Alia made a comment on Ranbir’s behavior, further fueling the tense situation. Rhea attempted to calm Alia down, but her efforts were in vain. Alia, determined, even threatened to involve the police.

Meanwhile, Dadi instructed the Pandit to proceed with the marriage rituals, ignoring Ranbir’s desperate pleas to stop the wedding. Frustrated, Ranbir tried to undo Akshay and Prachi’s wedding knot, but Ashok forcefully pushed him away. Undeterred, Ranbir grabbed a log and set fire to their wedding knot. Panicked, Dadi ordered Shahana to extinguish the flames while Ashok insisted Dadi retie the knot. Despite the chaos, Ranbir poured water on the fire, abruptly halting the marriage. Addressing everyone, he revealed that he had come to prevent this union. Akshay’s mother questioned Ranbir’s authority to intervene, to which he confidently responded that he was Prachi’s husband. Akshay urged Ranbir to let go of the past and leave, but Ranbir staunchly refused, asserting that their daughter, Khushi, needed both of them. Akshay acknowledged the importance of both parents in a child’s life but emphasized that they should be loving and respectful towards each other, not merely together for the sake of a child. Akshay declared this insufficient grounds to halt the marriage. Unfazed, Ranbir revealed there was another reason. Intrigued, Prachi asked him to explain. With unwavering conviction, Ranbir professed his love for Prachi and questioned whether she could not see it shining through his eyes.

[Episode End]

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