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Kumkum Bhagya 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Manpreet urging Akshay to give the money to his sisters rather than keeping Prachi waiting. Agreeing with Manpreet, Akshay inquires Neha and Divya about the amount they require. Divya takes the wallet from Akshay and expresses her gratitude. With Divya and Neha urging him to go inside, they push Akshay into the house.

Akshay questions Prachi if she is hungry and proceeds to ask why she didn’t perform the Griha Pravesh ritual correctly. Reminding her of his previous statement, Akshay acknowledges Prachi’s agreement and understands that the ritual couldn’t be performed authentically since their marriage isn’t real. Akshay concurs.

Subsequently, Prachi takes Akshay aside and confesses that she doesn’t want to proceed with the marriage because she only loves her husband and refuses to use Akshay to gain Khushi’s favor. Prachi assures Akshay that she will find an alternative solution. In response, Akshay assures Prachi that his only desire is to see her happy and declares that he is willing to do anything for her happiness. Akshay proposes that instead of marrying her, he will orchestrate a façade to make everyone believe that they are indeed married.

Akshay and Prachi engage in a conversation about their elaborate plan to deceive everyone into believing they are married, despite only taking five pheres instead of the traditional seven. They rushed the pandit to prevent him from noticing the discrepancy. Prachi admits her understanding of their scheme. In a symbolic gesture, Akshay hooks the mangalsutra to Prachi’s necklace instead of placing it around her neck, while Prachi herself later completes the act by putting the mangalsutra around her own neck. Similarly, Akshay avoids applying sindhur to Prachi’s maang, and Prachi discreetly does it herself while Akshay conceals the action with his other hand in front of the witnesses. By orchestrating these actions, they successfully create the illusion of a marriage without actually being legally wedded. Prachi confesses to Akshay that she only went through with this fake marriage for the sake of Khushi, and Akshay admits that Khushi holds great significance for him, which is why he agreed to the plan. Prachi expresses how much she has sacrificed for Akshay, as he has put his own life on hold for her. She expresses her gratitude towards Akshay for his actions. Later, Akshay lightens the mood and asks Prachi for permission to use the washroom, reminding her that it is now their shared room. Prachi grants him permission, and Akshay departs from the scene.

Netra and a taxi driver arrive at the Tandon mansion, bringing Ranbir with them. Concerned for Ranbir’s well-being, Prachi contacts Ranbir’s housemaid, Neeta, to inquire if he has reached home. Neeta informs Prachi that Ranbir has not arrived yet. Worried about Ranbir’s whereabouts, Prachi decides to call him. Netra, suspecting that Ranbir’s girlfriend might be trying to reach him, intercepts the call but misses the opportunity to answer.

Prachi reflects upon her decision to call Ranbir, realizing that if he discovers her concern, he might rush to her side without considering the consequences. Despite her deep affection for Ranbir, she resolves not to dwell on her feelings anymore, acknowledging that from this day forward, Ranbir belongs solely to Rhea.

Meanwhile, Netra and the taxi driver carry Ranbir on their shoulders, prompting Prachi to sense his presence. She leaves her room in search of Ranbir, and Akshay inquires if everything is alright.

[Episode End]

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