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Kumkum Bhagya 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds with Ranbir approaching Prachi, concerned about her well-being and checking if she is running a fever. As Prachi’s temperature rises, Ranbir decides to administer medicine to alleviate her discomfort. Observing Ranbir’s struggle to grasp a glass of water, Prachi notices his difficulty and offers assistance. Aware of his injury, Ranbir kindly requests Prachi to fetch the first aid box so he can tend to his wound. Prachi obliges, retrieving the first aid box and proceeding to provide the necessary care and bandage Ranbir’s injury. Grateful for Prachi’s help and treatment, Ranbir expresses his appreciation before settling down on the sofa to rest.

Vikram joins Pallavi and Daljeet at the dining table, expressing his surprise at not being informed about their plan to attend Khushi’s birthday party at Prachi’s house. Rhea tries to steer the conversation towards breakfast, but Daljeet and Pallavi proceed to inform Vikram about what had transpired at Prachi’s house. Rhea secretly hopes that an unfavorable incident will occur to reignite the Kohli family’s animosity towards Prachi.

In his dream, Ranbir envisions Prachi entering his room wearing a beautiful white saree, arousing him from slumber. Upon waking up, Ranbir is amazed to find Prachi actually wearing a white saree. He admires her, remarking on her exquisite appearance. Yearning for reassurance, Ranbir implores Prachi to affirm her love for him and promise never to leave. Prachi responds by assuring Ranbir that she has returned to his life to remain forever. Overjoyed by her words, Ranbir gleefully rolls on the bed with Prachi. However, upon waking up, Ranbir realizes that it was all just a dream, and Prachi is not actually present.

Ranbir descended the stairs and noticed Ashok and Akshay arriving with a doctor to examine Prachi. Ashok instructed the doctor to ensure Prachi’s well-being while teasing her playfully. Spotting Ranbir, Ashok expressed gratitude for saving Prachi. Recalling Ashok’s words, Ranbir graciously accepted the thanks, acknowledging that he could accept it since he had rescued their beloved Prachi. Akshay also embraced Ranbir, expressing his gratitude for his heroic act. As Ashok and Akshay were here to take care of Prachi, Ranbir took his leave. Prachi requested him to stay and have some food before leaving, but Ranbir declined, mentioning that his family was awaiting him at home. Shahana thanked Ranbir for rescuing Prachi, and he accepted her gratitude before departing from the scene.

Meanwhile, Rhea glanced at her dresses, feeling dissatisfied and discarding them, believing she had nothing good to wear. Alia sneaked into Rhea’s room through the window, prompting Rhea to question her sanity for entering her room in such a manner. Alia reminded Rhea that it was already 10 am and Ranbir had not returned home yet. Noticing the dresses on the bed, Alia commented on Rhea’s behavior. Rhea confessed to Alia that fighting for her love was draining. She revealed that she had discovered Prachi’s photo in Ranbir’s room and had burned it. Rhea and Alia discussed the possibility of Ranbir and Prachi reuniting. Alia was shocked to learn from Rhea that Khushi was actually Panchi and that she was alive. Rhea speculated that Ranbir and Prachi might reconcile for Khushi’s sake. Determined to prevent it, Alia declared that they would take drastic measures. She scheduled a meeting with Rhea the following day at 9 pm and swiftly departed from the room.

[Episode End]

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