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Kumkum Bhagya 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Ranbir suspecting that Akshay has hired a thug to kidnap him. Divya enters the scene, searching for Akshay. To deceive her, Ranbir swiftly switches off the lights in the washroom. He pretends to be Akshay, feigning his confinement inside. Divya, curious, opens the washroom door and inquires about the occupant. Seizing the opportunity, Ranbir escapes from the washroom. To avoid being seen by Divya, he switches off the room lights and manages to flee unnoticed. Divya wonders why there are no lights inside when there are lights outside.

Relieved, Alia expresses gratitude to God, convinced that her plan to abduct Ranbir has been successful. She mutters to herself and spots the goons bringing Akshay, concealed in a gunny bag. Alia discreetly hides, ensuring that Ranbir doesn’t catch sight of her. The goons question Alia about her presence, to which she replies that she’s hiding to avoid being seen by Ranbir. They seek Alia’s guidance on their next steps, and she suggests calling Rhea. Alia instructs the goons to keep a close watch on Ranbir. Furthermore, Alia decides to arrange Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage, prompting her to call Rhea.

Meanwhile, Ranbir determines to disguise his voice, causing a tray to fall while simultaneously speaking, indicating his presence. Akshay’s mother scolds Akshay and instructs him to remain in the same place. In the meantime, Visakha arranges for Ranbir to sit beside Prachi in the mandap.

Alia dialed Rhea’s number, seeking a conversation. Rhea, however, requested Alia to refrain from commenting on her situation as she was not in the mood to discuss it. Undeterred, Alia implored Rhea to join her while wearing a red Chunri, mentioning that Ranbir was present. Alia then boldly declared her intention to marry Ranbir and announced it to Rhea. Inquisitive, Rhea questioned if Ranbir had agreed to the proposal. Alia, nonchalant, responded by questioning the significance of Ranbir’s agreement. Rhea admitted that it did matter to her. Sensing Rhea’s concern, Alia fabricated a tale, informing her that Ranbir had decided to marry her after witnessing Prachi’s happiness with Akshay. Alia claimed that Ranbir’s heart had been shattered, as he had realized that Prachi no longer loved him.

While Alia was engrossed in the conversation, Aryan phoned her, feigning distress. Aryan managed to convince Alia that he had initially attempted to arrange Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage but had subsequently come to the realization that it wasn’t the right decision. Aryan advocated for Ranbir and Rhea’s union instead. Alia, determined to fulfill Aryan’s desire, instructed him to come to a specified location. Aryan agreed, feeling triumphant that he had deceived Alia.

Rhea, feeling alone, believed that only Alia truly cared for her. Pallavi noticed Rhea’s absence from her room and decided to reach out. Rhea answered the call and mentioned that she was heading to the temple. Pallavi acknowledged her need for solace and encouraged her to go to the temple.

At Alia’s secret hideout, Aryan arrived, unaware of the imminent danger. Unbeknownst to him, the goons apprehended Aryan. Distressed, Aryan called out to Alia for help. Alia, recognizing Aryan as her son, implored the goons to release him. Aryan discarded his disguise, and Alia pointed out Ranbir to him, indicating that he was inside a gunny bag. Pretending to be interested in witnessing Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage, Aryan claimed that he had already summoned Rhea and the pandit for the ceremony. In the midst of the commotion, Alia received a call from Rhea, prompting her to step away momentarily. Aryan took advantage of the situation, urging the goons to depart by informing them of Alia’s request. Aryan used this opportunity to assist Akshay in escaping from the gunny bag, mistakenly believing that he was helping Ranbir due to the black bag covering Akshay’s head. Aryan led Akshay out of Alia’s hideout, while Alia warmly greeted Rhea. Curious about Ranbir’s whereabouts, Rhea inquired, leading Alia to escort her to him. To her dismay, Alia discovered that Ranbir was missing and interrogated the goons for answers. It became clear to Alia, through their conversation, that Aryan had taken Ranbir away. Instructing the goons to search for Aryan and Ranbir, Alia witnessed them intensifying their pursuit. Observing the goons’ pursuit, Aryan swiftly guided Akshay into a car deck and cleverly disguised himself as a taxi driver. Rhea asked Aryan if he had seen anyone leaving, to which he responded negatively before driving away in his car. The genuine taxi driver followed Aryan’s car, while Alia deduced that Aryan was the one behind the wheel. The goons, determined to catch Aryan, initiated a chase in their tempo.

[Episode End]

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