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Kumkum Bhagya 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Aryan inquiring of Akshay whether he had spotted a girl resembling Shahana. Aryan informs Akshay that he will investigate outside, so he peeks through the door. At that moment, Shahana and the guy notice his presence, prompting Shahana to urge him to leave. Aryan promptly shuts the door. Soon, they overhear the voice of the goons and decide to open the cupboard. To their surprise, the goons emerge from within. The guy directs Shahana’s attention to a knife, while another individual, who had taken Ranbir’s turban, inquires if they are in the Sharma house. Dadi clarifies that they are, in fact, in the Arora house. The guy returns the turban and departs. Concerned relatives rush towards Akshay, questioning his well-being. Ashok asks Akshay to present the bangles to Vishaka Bua. Ranbir, puzzled, wonders who Bua is. Ashok insists that he hand over the box quickly, lest Bua becomes upset. Ranbir hands the bangles to a lady, who compliments their beauty, commends his choice, and asks him to personally give her a bangle. Ranbir deduces that she is not Bua but his mother, and concludes that the other woman must be Bua. Consequently, he presents the bangles to Vishaka, who expresses her approval and hopes that his father will bestow more gifts like this in the future.

Meanwhile, Shahana and the guy engage in a fight with the goons. Aryan observes the altercation and discreetly escorts Akshay away from the scene. Shahana notices Aryan’s departure and they confine the goons in the bathroom before making their exit. In a separate room, Aryan takes Akshay and explains that, although Ranbir believes Akshay is a good person, the situation pertains to matters of love. Aryan advises Akshay to rest, assuring him that he will ensure Ranbir’s marriage is successfully arranged. With that, Aryan exits the room. Shahana intercepts him and halts his progress. Meanwhile, Akshay regains consciousness and contacts Abhay. Curiously, Abhay questions who is currently occupying the mandap. Akshay reveals that someone rendered him unconscious, claiming to be Prachi’s brother.

Shahana inquires about a person and Aryan responds, stating that he is a friend of Akshay. He playfully asks Shahana if she wants to flirt with him. Shahana declines and mentions that there was someone else similar to Aryan. Aryan walks away, while Shahana laments her absence of Aryan’s presence.

Aryan overhears Shahana’s thoughts and assumes that she misses him, making him happy. Prachi urges Akshay to reveal his face to her; otherwise, she will find out herself. Ashok intervenes and stops Prachi. Vishaka comments that Prachi is infatuated with Akshay and cannot bear to be without seeing him. She remarks that they come from a family of magicians. Abhay sends a message to Divya, asking her to come to the guest room. Aryan approaches Shahana and flirts with her, but she ignores him and accidentally drops the plate of flowers. Aryan comments that if she had accepted his help, neither the flowers nor she would have fallen. Ranbir observes Aryan’s actions and thinks that Aryan came to help him but is now pursuing Shahana. He contemplates arranging their marriage, as he finds her beautiful. He reflects that relationships change after marriage, but he remains the same.

Akshay reveals that the person sitting in the wedding altar is foolish for believing that Prachi will accept him. He mentions that Prachi will eventually find out about him. Divya arrives and questions Abhay about his call. She notices Akshay and sarcastically asks if he flew to the location. Abhay clarifies that Akshay was present and informs Divya about someone else’s presence. Akshay discloses that this person is deceiving everyone, and they need to bring him to the forefront. Divya suggests exposing and arresting the imposter. Abhay emphasizes that Akshay wants the marriage to proceed without any obstacles. Akshay proposes a plan to swap himself with the imposter during a power outage, which Abhay will orchestrate by kidnapping the imposter. Akshay explains that this switch needs to happen within seconds. Divya asks how it will be executed. Akshay instructs Divya to remove the fuse at 10:45 pm. Divya confirms knowing the location of the fuse room. Akshay concludes that they will move the imposter away from the wedding altar and replace him with the real groom.

[Episode End]

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