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Kumkum Bhagya 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Netra urging Ranbir to taste Prachi’s Kheer. Ranbir’s mind drifts to the thought of Prachi sampling the dessert. After relishing the Kheer, Ranbir compliments Netra and attempts to make his way out of the house. However, Netra insists that he must meet her family before leaving. Ranbir, seeking an excuse, informs Netra about his urgent need to use the washroom. Netra grants him permission, and Ranbir makes his exit from the scene.

Netra approaches Prachi and shares the news of her guest’s admiration for her Kheer. Meanwhile, Akshay receives a phone call and steps aside to answer it. Prachi proceeds to serve Kheer to everyone present. Subsequently, Akshay returns and informs Prachi that they need to depart at 11 am for the orphanage, where Khushi awaits them. Overjoyed, Prachi eagerly awaits the trip.

Akshay and Prachi decide to have a quick discussion about their visit to the orphanage. Prachi suggests expediting the remaining rituals to expedite their departure.

As Ranbir attempts to leave the premises, he finds himself lost and unable to find an exit. In a fortunate twist of events, Ranbir coincidentally encounters Prachi, just as she nearly falls to the floor. Reacting swiftly, he catches Prachi and prevents her from getting hurt.

Visakha confronts Manpreet, questioning her decision to hand over the house keys to Prachi without seeking her permission. Manpreet justifies her actions by asserting that Prachi, as the daughter-in-law of the house, has the right to possess the keys. Visakha argues vehemently with Manpreet, expressing her dissatisfaction with the decision and vowing to discuss the matter with Ashok.

Curious about Ranbir’s unexpected presence, Prachi inquires why he came to her room. Ranbir’s gaze fixates on Prachi’s Mangalsutra, prompting him to make a comment. Prachi, taken aback, guides Ranbir to her room for a private conversation.

Ranbir glanced at the photo of Akshay and Prachi, his gaze filled with uncertainty. He mustered the courage to ask Prachi if she had slept in this room. Prachi, taken aback, questioned Ranbir about his sudden appearance. Tensions started to rise as Ranbir erupted in anger, recklessly breaking objects in Prachi’s room. Desperate for peace, Prachi pleaded with Ranbir to remain silent and forcibly closed his mouth.

Ashok entered the room, sensing the commotion, and inquired about the situation from Visakha. Visakha complained to Ashok about Manpreet’s unauthorized decision to give Prachi the house keys. Taking Prachi’s side, Ashok defended her, highlighting her capabilities in managing the house. Visakha, feeling slighted, questioned Ashok if he was favoring Manpreet. Ashok denied any partiality but suggested that Manpreet apologize to Visakha to put an end to the argument.

Observing their proximity, Prachi distanced herself from Ranbir. However, Ranbir caught her and restrained her, causing her pain, insisting that she deserved it. Prachi reminded Ranbir that he had no right to exert control over her. Ranbir retaliated, expressing his own suffering since their marriage. He also reminded Prachi of her past actions—leaving the house when she suspected him and concealing her survival for six years. Prachi countered by accusing Ranbir of hiding many things as well, including the truth about Khushi being their daughter. Ranbir accused Prachi of marrying him solely to separate him from Khushi, vowing to prevent it from happening. He stormed out of the room, leaving Prachi behind.

Manpreet apologized to Visakha, attempting to rectify the situation. Visakha, unimpressed, made snide remarks about Manpreet. Ashok intervened, urging Visakha to end the drama. Visakha insisted that it was not drama but an insult to her. Ashok requested a heartfelt apology from Manpreet. Manpreet apologized to Visakha once more, trying to mend their relationship. Visakha responded with a cutting comment before storming off. Ashok advised Manpreet to consult Visakha before making any decisions in the future.

Prachi intercepted Ranbir as he attempted to leave, persuading him to stay and emphasizing that he couldn’t abandon her without explaining the truth. Ranbir justified his silence, claiming that she was too busy embracing Akshay to listen. Prachi countered by reminding him that he had also embraced Rhea. Ranbir questioned Prachi’s realization of the consequences of her actions, noting that she had married someone else.

[Episode End]

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