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Kumkum Bhagya 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode Starts with Alia’s henchmen strategizing their escape plan with Ranbir. Spotting a nearby van, they swiftly place Ranbir inside and proceed to restrain him. Subsequently, Alia’s goons swiftly transport Ranbir away from the scene.

Observing the interaction, Shahana expresses her concerns to Dadi, warning her of the impending remorse. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Dadi discreetly guides Shahana to a secluded spot, inquiring about the subject of their discussion. Shahana confides in Dadi, emphasizing that if she fails to reject the marriage, regret will follow. Responding to Shahana’s plea, Dadi reminds her that the marriage is inevitable and imparts some critical remarks towards Shahana. Dadi also highlights the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Prachi’s sister, Rhea, who attempted to ruin Prachi’s life. Shahana’s actions, in Dadi’s perspective, appear to be leading Prachi towards a similar predicament from which she had previously extricated herself. With a firm tone, Dadi urges Shahana to find contentment in the current situation.

The Pandit requests the Groom’s mother to perform the Gathbandhan ritual. Visakha, however, intervenes and declares that she will handle it herself. In a disrespectful manner, Visakha insults Akshay’s mother, claiming that she raised him and therefore should be the one to perform the Gathbandhan. Eventually, Visakha proceeds to tie the Gathbandhan for Akshay and Prachi.

Nethra initiates a video call with Akshay, urging him to show his bride-to-be, Prachi, to her. Akshay introduces Prachi to Nethra as his sister, and he inquires about her whereabouts. Nethra reveals that she arrived in Mumbai but assures him that she will reach Delhi before the auspicious time. After a brief exchange, Nethra abruptly ends the call, prompting Akshay to share his thoughts about her with Prachi.

While Alia’s goons try to contact her, she deliberately ignores their calls. Meanwhile, Ranbir regains consciousness and ponders over the identities of the people who abducted him. Realizing that he needs to escape from them and reach Prachi, he also notices that the vehicle is currently in motion.

The Pandit instructs the Bride and Groom to toss Pooja ingredients into the havan, causing a thick smoke to rise from the sacred fire. Acknowledging the situation, Akshay informs the Pandit that they will complete the remaining rituals after the smoke dissipates. Akshay then sends Prachi off with Shahana, and they all depart from the area. Dadi requests the waiters to open the windows in order to let the smoke out.

Alia’s goons make a stop at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. They remove Ranbir’s shoes and set up a trap in the van to prevent his escape, using electricity to potentially harm him. Subsequently, the goons leave the scene. However, Ranbir manages to free himself and realizes that there is an electric current running through the trap.

Rhea takes charge of the Havan ceremony by performing it herself. The Kohli family observes this act, and Pallavi comforts Rhea, assuring her of unwavering support. Pallavi promises Rhea that she will always stand by her side. Furthermore, Pallavi urges Vikram and Daljeet to pledge that they will not accept Prachi as a part of their Kohli family, and if they do, she threatens to leave the house along with Rhea.

Shahana escorts Prachi to her room and expresses disappointment that Ranbir did not show up to stop the wedding, mentioning her visit to his house with hopes of his arrival. Prachi concurs, stating that she also believed Ranbir would come. As they discuss the matter, they come to the conclusion that Ranbir did not make an appearance. Eventually, Shahana departs, leaving Prachi to envision a dream where Ranbir appears and consoles her.

[Episode End]

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